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Our weekend in Tennessee…

We took off for Tennessee to see cousin Tom play in his LAST high school football game. It RAINED…they still played…so Rich took the older two while I stayed back with baby. We didn’t want a sick lobster for Halloween. Yes, he was a lobster. Yes, he is a boy. Yes, he’s wearing tights. (All questions my husband asked as I dressed him for the night)

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Banging on the pot = Fun. Thinking he was going to be dinner…not so fun. I thought it’d be a fun picture, but Frank though…not so much.

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For those of you concerned about Frank, before you call our adoption consultant/social worker, please note this image after the pot picture…see–a happy lobster again:)
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I’m tellin’ ya—the Young family knows how to do Halloween! This is how we went trick-or-treating…Uncle Buck on the tractor, trailor pulling all of us and Tom on the golf cart behind making sure no one was ever left behind. Here’s our crew getting ready for the night

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And some of the rest of our crew—cousin Emily, cousin Lucy and our college friends the Middlebrooks…we are so excited they are now in Columbia…one of our family’s church’s new pastors…such a small world! (Or maybe I should just say BIG God instead!)

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And what do we like to do after a loooong, cooooold hayride??? A family bonfire of course! Too much fun! I think Columbia, TN is our new favorite place for trick-or-treating!!!
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What a fun night! Bare with me…I’m going to work backwards here…to top of Halloween fun…guess who we met for breakfast that morning?! The Johnson Family!!! Kristi’s video was one of our inspirations in our adoption beginning—and I also found our agency (AGCI) through Kristi. It was such a joy to meet this family and sweet Lucy Lane finally! Frank and Lucy are the same age too…so it was fun to let them play together. I could just gobble this family up! All 5 kids…just precious!!! Here are the mommies with the almost 1 year olds!

Some of the Oatsvall team joined us too!!! Gwen and her girls joined us for breakfast. It was such fun to spend time with these precious families and for our kiddos to all get to play together…and of course to talk Africa, adoption, Ethiopia and Uganda with these new friends too…You can check out Gwen’s blog and follow her story here: 147 Million just got some bran new t’s in…Gwen is sporting one of the new long-sleeve t’s here…these will be my Christmas gifts to family (sorry family…just try to act surprised when you open your gifts) You can buy yours here (the new ts will be up in a week or so online):
And guess what lobster turned ONE today?! Yes, our little Frank! I’d add those pictures—but I think today’s post is already overflowing with pictures. I’ll add those next week to distract me a bit from getting too antsy waiting to hear if our home study is approved or if revisions are required. They said 5-7 days to review…so if it went in on Thursday…hmm—I’m trying not to think about it and just wait on the Lord’s perfect timing.
Thank you Kristi and Gwen for a fun Saturday morning!!! And thank you Buck Young family for an INCREDIBLE family weekend! Can’t wait to share the 1st birthday pictures! And secretly can’t wait to share when we hear back from AGCI!!!

Kim - November 2, 2009 - 5:20 am

Is it okay to be totally jealous?
Just kidding.
So glad you got to meet and enjoy the friends I miss so dearly!
The Halloween photos are precious too!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Jenn - November 2, 2009 - 11:56 am

So jealous…in a good kind of way…sort of 🙂 WISH we could have been there…it looks like a WONDERFUL weekend!


Peter & Amy - November 2, 2009 - 5:43 pm

Looks like an awesome halloween. I don't think you should worry about the 5-7 business days. That is what they told us and it only took them 2 days to review the home study last week so I bet you should get news very soon! Let us know 🙂