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Our Memorial Day… {teaching them to remember}

I have some catching up to do from our fun week last week–but before I unload our latest crazy…thought I’d share our day!

EVERY Memorial Day–we actually make sure we are home in order to celebrate in true Memorial Day fashion where we head down to our town’s city hall that has one of the biggest Memorial Day celebrations in the country. We just can’t STAND to miss it…Rico Suave and I both love it.

I have to admit, I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to reserved holidays–I love to celebrate their meaning and purpose. So on today–we remember the soldiers who have fought bravely in the past for us and those who are still protecting us today. We always spend the We have deep conversations about living courageous–and what freedom means. If you are reading this on a reader–you might not be able to see these pictures unless you go direction to my blog as I’ve uploaded 18 of my favorites from our day set aside to remember…

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Just in case their wasn’t a Memorial Day event in your town–here’s a little bit of ours for you to enjoy…

Sorry I had to cut it off for a bit if you were enjoying that like I was. Isaac was tampering with the electrical cords and being a complete wild man…I have my hands MORE than full these days!!!!

You can’t see them really–BUT you can hear them…the bag pipes…

The 21 gun salute…(this completely startled my children…as it does every year–and you can completely hear me teaching Frankie baby how to put his hand on his heart:)…

Then we scooted home for the littles to nap while momma put together dinner–and Loobear and I zipped up to visit my precious friend Angie Gue who is miraculously recovering each day more and more from a stroke she had 3 weeks ago. She is a trooper, and I’m so proud of her!!! She is walking–and each day she does physical therapy and getting stronger and stronger! So thankful!!!

I got home to see THIS view from my driveway…

As we reflect today for the soldiers who have fought for us–we ended today remembering the One who actually was born to selflessly die for us so we might know Him and have eternal life with Him. As much as I want to teach my children about history and sacrifice on this earth for freedom–EVEN MORE I want them to know and understand what it means to have freedom through Christ…To believe and trust in His promises…To rely on Him to be their strength each and every day.

I’m going to try and post some of our fun from last week…and some reflections from this momma’s heart. You know a week get away with this momma she is bound to return with some serious reflections;). I am also refreshed (not QUITE rested…I mean–who gets rest on vacation with a 2, 3, 6 and 7 year old:)…BUT I am refreshed!!! I’m also so excited that June is ALMOST here which means the countdown is ON until Tetyana arrives!!!! It’s going to be a GREAT summer!



Sandi H. - May 30, 2012 - 12:45 am

We will be praying DAILY for your friend Angie during this time of recovery & relearning for her. If she sticks with it & does her physical therapy & brain exercises daily especially over the next 3-6 months she will see truly amazing improvements. People often get so discouraged with the slow progress but it takes months for the brain to heal. She’s going to need LOTS of encouragement from friends & family to keep her spirit up over this next year! She will be in our prayers!