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Our Cupcake Kids…

Friday night…the mommies (me, Kelly Coury, and Angie Carley) baked away as our kids joined other Cupcake Kids around the nation to make a difference for the orphans of Uganda through 60Feet Ministry. How wonderful it is to involve our little ones and watch THEM make a difference for kids across the world.

Here’s a little fun from our day!

The Cupcake Kids…(can you tell who was too busy eating cupcakes instead of selling them in these pictures?!)

The FULL crew…(and OF COURSE Silas is being a HAM!)

I’m really uncertain how many cupcakes Frankie baby ate today…and we are so thankful for all of our sweet friends who came out to support the orphans and Uganda…(our cupcake kiddos with some of team Waggoner!)

Here is Frankie baby asking for ANOTHER cupcake! (Yes…he is carrying a pink purse. He cleaned out his piggy bank at home and got one of Laney’s doll’s diaper bags. He is carrying this EVERY where we go!!!! He even took it to the pizza place tonight. Only Frank in his tractor shirt and crazy self can get away with this…) Just ONE more cupcake momma–PEAS!? (He’s really diggin’ his Show Hope tee!)

We had BIG plans for lots of traffic because baseball game traffic would be coming through. HOWEVER…because of the rain/thunder storm last night–they were ALL cancelled! All of our cupcake buyers were FRIENDS who came all the way out to support 60Feet–which made it even SWEETER for us and we were all so thankful and touched to see our friends come out this morning/afternoon for cupcakes!

Was so thankful to get to see a friend I hadn’t seen in years–and oh MY…ITY’s belly really shows off in this picture doesn’t it;)!? Love EVERY inch of him!!!! (So good seeing you Melanie!!!)

(How cute is the shirt Candy Pearson made me?! Not sure if you can tell–but the little heart is stuffed and pokes out a bit over Ethiopia!)

What I love MOST about days like today are the conversations we have afterwards. The kids were asking about serving others and kids without. We had A LOT of cupcakes left over–and we decided to take them to the kiddos at Convoy of Hope in Roswell to bless little folks in our area who came out today for groceries and jumpies and free medical care. On the way home, Parker was amazed after seeing the kids our area who also need help and we had a sweet talk about how we can help others right here at home as well as around the world. Before dinner tonight–Laney came out of her room and handed me several things she wanted to pass on to others–and to see your kids hearts be shaped through service makes those late night bake-a-thons worth it.

What IF we spent more time brainstorming with our children how we could serve our world–rather than be served…asking what could WE do for OTHERS rather than what do YOU WANT to do? It will not come naturally at first to us OR to them…but what a sweet habit to form–and to watch a heart of love, gratitude, service and mercy form in our sweet ones hearts as we invite them to come with us and even follow them in some of their own ideas to serve…

May you all have a BLESSED weekend! I’m so excited because I get to see my brother-in-law get baptized tomorrow!!! And thankful Richard’s sister is coming to babysit babies so we can actually sit in the service and celebrate this moment with him! Happy Sunday…the SWEETEST day of all! Rest in the Lord…and enjoy the moment!



P.S. I just know you’d like to see our cupcake contributions wouldn’t you;) Well…we made OWLS…

AND in honor Psalm 84…a reminder that God takes care of even the birds and He will also take care of orphans–we made little bird nest cupcakes…just a few;)

(These would be WAY cute for upcoming Easter fun wouldn’t they?! Toasted coconut makes it look more nesty and then jellybeans for the eggs! Someone said they saw someone also add licorice sticks as a basket handle which would be another fun thing for you to add!)

Briana - April 16, 2011 - 11:35 pm

Hi, I’ve been following you for awhile. I love what you said about brainstorming with our children about how we could serve our world, rather than being served. I want my son and future children to have a heart for others. 🙂 And my son has the same Show Hope shirt!

Christy - April 17, 2011 - 6:53 am

So cool! Love what you said about helping children learn to serve. I can’t wait to do a cupcake sale – we are going to wait until a friend gets back from Uganda with her son, so I’m just learning from you all right now! 🙂

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