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our crazy here lately…

And this is how we roll…

{our weekend in pictures}

Friday night girls slumber party at our house. No pics for proof…but we did watch KungFu Panda too–which I may have embarrassed Laney during because I boohooed at the end. Such a BEAUTIFUL ending…to a really hard adoption story. I’ve never held my breath so much during a animated movie. It will be much different watching it with ITY one day and any of our other adopted children–but I thought it was well done. The only part I didn’t embrace was the theme that the past doesn’t matter–because it really does…and I want to be able to go there with my little ones and give them the freedom to retrace whatever we can or they need to as they grow.

Ok–so all that being said–slumber party on Friday night at our house:) THEN…on Saturday morning bright and early it was time for some…

It was a close game. And while I want to SAY we play to have fun–I’m a mom of 3 boys..and I’ll be honest…we also want to win. Just being honest. They played hard…so hard–that Parker didn’t even realize they didn’t win. Then we scooted over to the soccer game. And that wasn’t such a big game either. After watching 2 games…it was time for some GIRL time.

Loo spotted these lovely clip-ons at “A Classy Clutter” downtown. (Can I just say how much I love having a girl!)

We spotted these on Saturday–and although they were JUST $12–we didn’t buy them. HOWEVER–her daddy went back on Monday on his way home from work and brought them home. She’s so proud of them:). She asked to get her ears pierced once, and I told her she had to be 13…just because 6 sounds too young…and well–aren’t clip-ons way cuter;)?

After trying on clip-on earrings we went by Gluten Free Cutie for a little treat together! (I mean–the boys were at home doing yard work…and we really didn’t want to get in their way;) YUM!

Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, dye-free…YUM!

We had to race home from cupcakes to welcome our 50 friends over for a fun African American Fellowship potluck! Rico Suave smoked chicken and everyone brought side dishes…and we let the kids run wild. LOVE THESE FAMILIES!

Our group is usually much bigger than this was actually a quieter and calmer night together…if you can have that with 30 kids running around hitting balls, swinging, playing chase…some how we managed to catch up with one another!

Here’s ITY with his side kick!

LOVE that these boys were crib mates at Hannah’s Hope and our families didn’t even live in the same state when we got their referrals. AND NOW we live around the corner from each other and they are growing up together!!! They have a special bond, and it’s so sweet watching them together.

I told ITY to “look up” for the picture–as in LOOK AT THE CAMERA BECAUSE HE WAS LOOKING AT MY KNEES…you get what you ask for…

LOVE my Bible study girls! We are all in a couples Bible study (our kids come along too)…pictured below me, Angie, Laura and Kimberly

Can you tell we spend too much time together???

On Sunday–you get NO pictures of me…as I woke up…and had hit a wall from all the Friday and Saturday action. No rest for this mom leads to big swollen eyes and inflammation in this mom. So I got everyone ready for church…me included…and half way to church Rico Suave turned around and brought me home. Momma rested up…and had bedside Baptist. It was a much needed morning of rest.

And then at 3:30pm…it was off to the races. Parker, Laney and Frank raced in the town bike race…we joined the Dentons and the Carley crew. Here are the kiddos with their prized medals at the end! (AND while Angie and I waited for them at the finish line–she taught me how to use Instagram. HENCE…if you are my friend on Instagram you now know why I never posted pictures before until Sunday:)

ITY waiting with us at the finish line with Sam

Showing off the medals (where everyone is a winner;)…

Really–this is more like it…

AND after the race…Angie’s crew headed on over for dinner before starting our week ahead! I love a table full of kids!

AND THAT was our weekend in pictures:)

Hope you all had a great one!!! We rested up…and got up bright and early for a little P.E. fun…our weekly Monday swim lesson!

Frank is OFFICIALLY swimming!!! So excited to just have 1 that needs to learn now…this will definitely make our summer swim fun more relaxing! Alright–so that’s a wrap for my documenting our crazy. I really do have to order the blog-to-book so my kids can see how we spent our days one day!!!

Blessings to you all!!!



angie - May 2, 2012 - 5:55 pm

thanks for entertaining us all weekend, friend!! ♥