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My little movie stars:)

I’ve wanted to catch up on my blog all day—but it’s been a wild weekend and tonight is the first moment I’ve had to sit down and catch my breath! And there’s no way to write all our details from our film experience as it was just SO COOL…but I’ll do my best to share the highlights!!!

We were told to arrive at a building at 6pm with lots and lots of clothes for the costume staff to choose from. When we got there a white van was waiting for our crew, and they zipped us to a ginormous warehouse where you’d never know a complete set was built inside. Ahhh…those LA people—sneaky little boogers. I thought for sure there would be a gazillon families in the extras room that we were escorted in, but no so much. There were just about 8 kids and their parents including us. After we checked in, we had wardrobe come and go through our STACKS and STACKS of clothing and approve what we would wear. Parker was sporting a Janie and Jack outfit, Laney a really cute shirt, high books, a turtle neck and sweater…and baby Frank had on a cute sweater outfit. Next…make up and hair!

iphone 076 copy

We all got our hair done. This mini-van mom got told that she had her haircut ALL wrong. It should apparently be shaved short in the back and longer in the front. I’m a mini-van mom people—but don’t think I won’t mention this idea at my next haircut;). And make-up. Got dissed again. The makeup artist said coral wasn’t my color. 2 for 2. (OK…I think I’m giving way too many details…I’m really going for the skinny but have to keep my Facebook friends in mind who’ve been beggin for a detailed update too;). Laney LOVED getting her hair done of course and Parker politely said no thanks when I asked if he’d like a little magic spritz in his;). But look who liked the magic spritz! My bestfriend Kelly…looky, looky who I dragged in this with me…yes, I called them a day before and BEGGED to get her in…and Kelly…you look fabulous and very LAish here;)

iphone 082 copy

And THEN we waited and waited and waited. Sounds like adoption, huh;)?! What I love about this whole deal is the creativity of God. I know He has a purpose for all things–and I’d been penny pinching saving for our adoption and He ups and plants us in the middle of a movie…granted we weren’t getting paid much–but you know when you are saving a little can be a lot. Then—Frank was discovered;). Not sure what baby was supposed to play his role, but the director dude with the headset asked if Frank could play a part and…what did I say, “Hmmmmmm…Uhhhh…YES!” So, off we went…to the set a floor below.

(If you look through the doors in this image I snuck with my iphone you can see Frankie baby being held in the scene)
iphone 093 copy

I have one word for indoor sets. WOW. I don’t even want to know the money that goes into that one…this is in a WAREHOUSE…but they did an amazing job making it look like a house…even had the wide plank hardwoods that I have had to handover in my coveting and remember I can’t take them to heaven with me;). Just outside of this set but still inside the wearhouse, there was a huge trailor snack bar. A chef area with about 6 chefs whipping up crepes (must be one of Josh Duhamel’s favorites;) and guys with headsets jetting left and right. TREES and all. We were led inside this house set…through the door…and inside a group of actors were preparing for the next scene. I guess I should have been better prepped because I just walked right in and stood next to this tall guy with a lot of gel in his hair and started running my mouth…”My goodness it’s hot in here…how cute is that birthday table…” and then it hit me–yep…Josh Duhemal. Talk about as down to Earth as they come…and a true baby lover. Instead of hanging with his crew, he just made himself at home with our kids and Laney was so confused by the tray of cookies he was holding (part of the scene props). Laney was flirting alright—but not because he was Josh—she just wanted one of his oatmeal cookies. And for those of you who know Laney and her appetite…did she stop at batting her eyes? Of course not! She of course asked for a cookie:). Poor little thing didn’t get Josh either…

Josh: “UMMM…sweetheart they aren’t real.”
Laney: “They smell good.”
Josh: (mouthed they are real) and then said, “Um, I’m wearing Oatmeal. You know cologne.”
And do you think a 3 year old understands that? Not so much. She made a sad face and started to tear up…and we had to explain that his cookies were just pretend but we’d get some later…I promise. I have to say that Josh was so great with the kids asking them all their names, how old they were—you can tell he’s one of those people who forgets about what everyone is talking about when kids are in the room and just gets on their level and loves time with them. He definitely needs a baby—hmmm…maybe he and Fergie should join Katherine Heigl and adopt too:)

Before I knew it, Frank was wisked away into the scene—lucky me got stuck in the background “talking/mouthing a conversation” to another extra. Parker was put with his bud Luke and another girl playing in the foyer for backgound…and Frank–was being held by every famous person in the room! And the stink part—NO CAMERAS OR VIDEO allowed…of course—and just left with ole momma to tell the story (well…that and a few iPhone images I couldn’t BARE not to snag!) Frank and Director…VBFF…

iphone 094 copy

This one scene took about an hour—and I’m betting it’s just 10 seconds in the movie. But still…we’re in it! So fun. That is…if it doesn’t get cut. In between cuts Frank did GREAT—and with a 6:30pm bedtime and the film still rollin’ at 11:30—I was shocked at how well he really did. He was being whisked in and out of the room by some strange man he had never met—and the entire time he had the biggest grin on his face. Ahhh…my Frankie baby–I could just gobble him right up! After this particular scene we were taken back up to wait, wait some more…and then they called for Frank again while the rest of my crew had to stay in extra holding.

(Snuck another iphone image of Frank in final scene)
iphone 098 copy

Another scene–at the end of the movie the family is making a home movie for a little girl and Frank fussed a bit in this one—but the actors were great and did impromptu and it ended up being hysterical. I think it’s going to end up being a really cute movie! I was so proud of little Frank and although there was a no camear rule I politely looked at the crew, smiled…took out my iPhone and shrugged my shoulders trying to say, “I’m his momma…I have to have just ONE of this!” SO, while I wish so badly I could have gotten Josh playing with him in between cuts…this will have to do until our NEXT filming! Next filming???

YES! Frank and his girl Lexi have us all going back in 2 weeks for more shooting! (I dragged my bestfriend and her kids into this last night and Lex got chosen as a baby of another couple in the movie too too.) This time, I’m going to take my little camera and at the end—we are just going to ask politely for a quick picture for the baby book for little Frank. Frank and Lexi’s parts even landed them a spot in the credits!!! WOOT! How fun is that?! By the time I left the set, every person on set was saying, “Hey Frank…oh–can I hold him?” And he actually went from actor to actor…and just went along with this. Ask his nana–this is SO out of character for him—so I’m now convinced that he can play his role well and is bound for Hollywood;).

And last—the thing that cracked me up the most–while we were leaving another extra…a man in his 40’s stopped me and asked for his picture with FRANK! Too funny! The extras manager did ask me if we’d like to be in more movies–and I just laughed and said…”We’ll see”…or wait—did I say, “OF COURSE”?! Guess you’ll have to wait and see if our little Frank makes another appearance on the big screen;). Seriously, it was a really fun experience and I’m actually looking forward to the next filming date! Thankfully this time we all know what we are supposed to wear as we’ll be filming for the same day in the movie…so we are officially prepared. So, my real question is–do I have to keep my mini-van mommy haircut or can I go ahead for the LA short style I was recommended;)?!

Isn’t God so creative how He leads and guides us…and even answers our prayers? Every time something happens crazy like this I ask God what in the world—and then I remember that I prayed for a life of adventure–and He continues to give us just that! With all the stress of adoption preparation He took our minds off of things and gave us something really fun to do. They uped Frank’s pay..and the other 2 kids got paid—which for the year we’re pinching pennies saving for an adoption this extra $ will be great for Christmas for the kids! My—how Jehovah Jireh provides. How can you not love His creativity and how He places His hand of favor on His children? And on my way my home at midnight do you know what was on my mind most of all after all this craziness??? A baby in Ethiopia. That’s it. Amazing how not even what the world would consider so cool—movies and acting—nothing is greater than walking in the Lord’s plan and purpose and for us…that is bringing home our 4th child.

Me and Kelly (my VBFF/LYLAS girlfriend since 7th grade after our new dus and ready to roll)…man iphone pictures stink…but hey–it’s better than not being documented at all…right?!

iphone 096 copy

BACKGROUND! SILENCE! SHOOTING! Man, those 3 words sure were fun to hear all night. More movie fun to come in November! See “Life as We Know It” at your local theatre December 2010! But guess what’s even better than ALL of this?! Guess what I think we’ll be ready to mail in by the end of the week when our homestudy is approved?! Our dossier! A number on the waitlist is WAY better than a number in a movie! WOOT! I’m getting excited!!

The Rutland Family - October 24, 2009 - 7:46 pm

You are amazing!!!! God is incredible!!!! It is so much fun to hear your stories and to see what God is doing in your life. He truly has plans for you!!! I love you girl!!!

Angie Walter - October 24, 2009 - 7:53 pm

WOW GIRL!!! You are too funny! What a wild experience!! How sweet to see your children in that experience too! But best of all I can't wait to hear what number you are!!! We are unofficially at #3! 😀 Super excited for you guys!!

milreb - October 24, 2009 - 8:08 pm

I can feel how much fun you had through your words. How exciting and a true adventure! It will be good preparation for your next adventure to Ethiopia. 🙂 I will have to see that movie!

The Young Family - October 24, 2009 - 8:27 pm

Isn't that all a hoot?! And don't my eyes look alienish in that last iphone picture!

Are These Kids All Yours? - October 24, 2009 - 8:38 pm

That is just wayyy cool. Man, you are famous!!!! Hey, you could promote adoption in your next film!!!! 🙂

The Young Family - October 24, 2009 - 8:43 pm

YES! We are completely promoting adoption on our next shoot…Gwen of 147 orphans is sending shirts for Katherine and Josh! Fun, huh?!

Allison - October 24, 2009 - 8:53 pm

Wow! Hallelujah—look what the Lord has done! You are on one fun ride my cousin. Keep writing, you just may have a book to write one of these days. Again—-Wow!

Kristi J - October 24, 2009 - 9:24 pm fun!! I'm just now getting caught up on emails..I'm so behind after not checking them while in Florida…So, how about breakfast on the 31st?? are you still up for it?? our house?? kids can run and play?? let me know 🙂 kristi

Stacy Okland - October 25, 2009 - 12:32 pm

Andrea…Had no idea all that was going on with your family. So exciting to hear about your adoption. I enjoyed reading about your journey. Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Also love hearing about how God is transforming your heart to be more like His. I will have to keep checking in to see when you get that little baby!!
Love, Stacy Okland

Beautiful Mess - October 26, 2009 - 5:21 am

How cool! So thankful for the neat miracles our Lord does!

Yeah! God is SO good!

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