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my little ballerina…

Being a mom of 3 boys and 1 girl–I really appreciate every little thing this princess does…because walking down the hallway it’s not unusual to feel the prick of a Nerf bullet on the back of your leg from one of the boys. I’m definitely not the mom–either by the way–that condones such behavior…instead I turn around and say, “Awesome shot!” Yes, despite growing up with a house full of sisters–I was definitely made to be a mom of boys.

But oh…my heart–my heart just bursts watching my little girl being raised in a home full of boys…she is as dainty as they come–but the girl has spunk and can hold her own. She and I snuggle on the couch and take in Anne of Green Gables…and I laugh throughout the week as she uses verbiage that only Anne girl does. I’m raising a country girl in the city–but she reminds me weekly that farm life awaits her. She is my daughter–but she is also my kindred spirit.

My little sister asked me not to long ago if Laney knew how pretty she was. What a sweet question. And I answered quickly. No–I don’t think she does. We’re quite busy working on her heart. And her heart–oh it is so beautiful. I don’t say that because I’m her mother…because I have a heart that needs to be swept out daily. But daily–I am refined by this girl–as I watch her give sacrificially to bring peace to our home in how she helps care for and loves her brothers…and–me and her daddy. She reminds me often what Heaven must be like. She prays for me unceasingly. She grieves when she hurts someone or makes a poor choice. She adores being our only girl–but when I ask her if she would willingly share this privilege with another if it means giving a family to a little girl that doesn’t have one…she LIGHTS UP…and then offers her bedroom.

And tonight. She will dance. I. Can’t. Wait!

I grabbed a few pictures from the rehearsal so I could just sit back and enjoy the moment! WHICH was a GREAT idea…until I DELETED all 100 of them BEFORE downloading them to my computer. NOW, if you EVER do this–do not worry or let your stomach turn like I did for a moment! I was able to take the memory card out of my camera–put it in my computer and retrieve EVERY last picture that had been erased (as well as 1,000 other pictures that were recently on the card and also erased…many taken even months ago!) Many programs charge you to do this–but I did one for FREE–and getting these back was like winning the lottery to me! File this little treasure away just in case one day you do this too: EaseUS Mac Photo Recovery. You can get videos, pictures, ANYTHING back that you accidentally erase off your camera’s memory card (OR off your computer) if you accidentally delete. Here are a few of retrieved treasures…

Everyone came to her rehearsal…so much more fun than the recital at this age!!! You get to talk to the girls…watch just their class perform over and over…and then you get to have lots of pictures made without the crowd! AND the little ballerina gets to feel special…TWICE! Momma Nisia (Laney’s spiritual godmother–who invests in her heart) of course came…she’s the best godmother any little girl could have!

Gigi, Richard’s mom, was there to take it all in! She even stayed afterwards to watch more dancers because of how moving they all were. I love the company dancers…Laney dances at such a talented studio here in the city. And this year–they moved her up a level so she was a kindergardener dancing with 7-9 year olds. She did great! So proud of her…because I was NOT a dancer…and this is just her thing–and I love that she has found a passion she loves…

Mommy and Frank with the ballerina…

Here are their little praying hands as the dance begins…they are dancing to Prince of Egypt’s “When you Believe”…

And then afterwards–a few pictures outside…

One I will always cherish (and THE ONE that I desperately wanted to retrieve once I realized I accidentally deleted them all! SO THANKFUL I got this one back!)

We love you so much Cookie! We are so proud of you…and most of all–we love your beautiful HEART! Can’t WAIT to see you dance tonight! Momma and daddy love you to pieces and pieces and more pieces!!!

Hope y’all are having a great weekend!


Alison - May 21, 2012 - 4:23 pm

Awww! She is such a BEAUTIFUL ballerina! Love the pics! We had our girls’ ballet recitals this weekend too! And I just posted the pics on our blog…I have a picture of Jody kissing Caty on the cheek just like that! So sweet!!! 🙂

Dawn - May 21, 2012 - 8:02 pm

LOVE HER HEART!!!! So sweet and tender and it shows on her face!!! BEAUTIFUL!