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Livin’ on Love…life as it should be;)

First—congrats to the 10 Seeds CD winners—Shannon, Trisha, Becca, Amy, Angela, Kelli, Sara, Missy, Jackie and Tiffani from my recent post. You are gonna love those cds! And for those of you who just bought some (look under my Mommying link in the menu bar for a discount on yours)…you are going love that it comes with 2! One to share! Congrats mommas! These cds are traveling near and far—from Canada to Washington to New York and North Carolina…just to name a few. 10 different states represented…so fun:). Don’t you just love the blog world?!

Our weekend was eventful—as I’m sure every weekend will be from here on out in our lives;-). Our precious social worker, Donna Booth (whom we LOVE!) came over on her FRIDAY NIGHT to notarize and sign a bazillon documents for us. Our referral packet is all filled out—and our referral consultation call is at 1pm tomorrow with our agency. They said the call will last approximately 1 hour–and I’m sure they will not be surprised that I already have ever document signed and notarized…and ready to be FedExed right after our call:). (For those of you who were a part of our journey during the homestudy and dossier process, you know I did that baby in record time too;).

A couple of sweet things about our weekend…

We discoved our son’s Ethiopian name means “Thank God”. As you may already know, it is very important in Ethiopian culture what the meaning of a name is. I was, of course, being the emotional mommy that I am right now—in tears when I discovered what Isaac’s name meant. We can’t share it online (nor his photos) until we return per Ethiopian guidelines—but we have decided to keep his given name as his middle name and call him Isaac. We chose the name Isaac months ago (this name was actually laid on our hearts DURING Lent this year long before we knew of him—but when we was actually already in the care at our orphanage!) I love how God works!!! For so many—I hear them say, “For us–adoption just made sense.” In fact, we’ve said it too. However, when you look at our family—really, it doesn’t make sense. When we started our journey to Isaac, we had a 4 year old, 3 year old and 7 month old. Really, to the world—it didn’t make sense. In my quite time one day, I felt the Lord saying to me…

It’s like Abraham. I asked him to do something that looked crazy to the rest of the world. It didn’t make sense. I wanted to know if Abraham was going to follow me—NO MATTER WHAT. He knew I was a good God. He knew that I’d be faithful. And he knew that I’d provide. Or did he? For him, really nothing mattered more than being obedient. Will you follow me? It won’t make sense. And guess what? You are right—you can’t handle it. But I can. No, you don’t have the extra money to go for it right now—but the God who provided Abraham’s ram will be the same God who provides yours. And in the end—just like with Abraham, there will be an Isaac.

Really, it still doesn’t make sense to the world. But it makes so much sense to us. And the Lord has been faithful thus far in the details—and I really believe His faithfulness endures forever. He will be faithful for the rest of the details as well.

Back story—Just a couple of weeks ago, I was itching for my kids to have a playset. We’ve been in our house for years without one, but I thought it’d be fun to get them one to play on. Week before last (before our referral)—I sat down in, of all places, Isaac’s soon to be nursery—and as I cleaned our files, I stumbled upon 6 random checks from the movie we were in last Fall (another crazy story of God’s provision). We also randomly last week got a check in the mail from a past photography job that I decided when it came in, I’d put toward a playset…we were ready to go!Then we got our referral, and while we thought we still had months to set aside for our final referral payment and travel—we also had some other things come up (as that always seems to happen!) and we now knew that every single penny needed to go into our adoption. We had really been talking up a playset or playhouse to our kids—and although they were so excited about it—tomorrow I have to break the news…our family needs to pull together and use everything right now to bring our precious son…their sweet brother…home. I hope they will understand.

That may be hard to do tomorrow—but I really have to hope their hearts will be changed for the better through it. And as much as my mommy heart wants to give good things to my children—my mommy heart knows that this is right and just part of the process. When I think about telling them this story in a few years—it makes me sad for just a moment—which is shouldn’t—just being honest with the flesh part of me…but then it does make me smile…

So guys, the Lord provided in amazing ways. Mom felt called to quit her job and be 100% mommy. That didn’t make sense. But being obedient was most important. I knew the Lord wanted to be the One to provide. He wanted it to be Him and not me. Then, one day I stumbled across checks that we had saved that truly you guys had earned being extras in a little movie…and we wanted to put it toward something you guys would forever love. So–we decided to buy a playhouse for you guys. We asked you to vote between a playset or playhouse—most days you were tied (Parker wanted a playset and Laney wanted a playet…but some days Parker wanted a playhouse too…so we thought playhouse it is…)…until…we heard the most surprising news. Your baby brother would come early. So…even at a young age–we sat you guys down and asked you all to join us as a family to help bring your baby brother home. And one day—just maybe…we’d get that playhouse too. But we needed to do what was most important first…you could have invested in some backyard play equipment that we no longer own…or you could have invested in a life and changed it forever…and we did this as a family—to make our family complete…and truly we couldn’t have done it without every one of you.

Now their checks are really small, but seriously—every bit is adding up and when it’s all said and done. GOD HAS PROVIDED. As of Monday—for the rest of the month, our family will officially be living on love. And truly, this is one of the sweetest months of my life. When I go to the store and I’m careful with what goes in the cart—I smile:). Because I know what it’s for. I just look at the picture of my Isaac, and every hard part now will be worth it soon. And as for the playhouse—this weekend this was my sweet remedy since a playhouse or playset isn’t in plans any more…

You are looking instead at a $13 purchase of spring and summer fun:). (Thank you Laurie Bolden for this idea!) We bought a big storage container for $10 at Target and a bag of sand for $3 at Pike Nurseries. AND it fit PERFECTLY into our red wagon…so we have even better than a playset or playhouse;)…FUN ON WHEELS…and all for $13!!!


every sacrifice

we make





to bring




Because in the end…

He isn’t asking us to sacrifice our son like He asked Abraham. He is asking us to sacrifice FOR our son…truly—ALSO like He did Abraham. Because what will benefit Parker, Laney, Frank and Isaac more than a mommy and daddy to give them what they think they might want—will be to have parents who obediently follow the Lord no matter what.

Help us Lord, to not think about what we think we need in our culture–but to instead look to you. To watchfully see how You may want to provide—and to continue to trust you for the details.


if you happen to think about it throughout the night and tomorrow—will you please pray we get our FDL letter tomorrow when we visit USCIS again?! On the very day our Isaac was brought in Hannah’s Hope orpahnage, I taught my children—if they will have faith the size of a mustard seed, then nothing is impossible for him who believes. Oh Lord—heal our unbelief! Help us to trust you to move ANOTHER mountain! Blow us away by Your goodness and glory…and help us to pray believing we will get this form in perfect time!

Much love to all of you on our journey. Thank you for holding our hands in it.


P.S. I apologize for not adding the Bible reading summaries for those of you reading along. Just a little excitement here lately. I will pick those pack up tomorrow—and even backtrack a bit. I don’t want to miss any goodness in the readings…and I’m so thankful for those of you who have been reading along! I’m thankful for ALL of you of course..and welcome all of your pick up where we are in reading through the Bible and digging in God’s word together! Have a beautiful Monday!

Lara - April 11, 2010 - 11:04 pm

This was really touching 🙂 I think it instills gratefulness in our children to have to wait for something they want.

Dawn - April 11, 2010 - 11:39 pm

What – Excited? For what- he he he- just kidding.
Have faith in your children- they will understand. When we have asked our kids to make sacrifices for each other or another new child- they now jump at the opportunity. Especially when we tell them- why. They know it is much better for our family to expand or deal with what we have – than to have stuff. Talk about an opportunity to share with them….about storing up treasures in heaven! AMEN!

Have I mentioned how excited we are for you all??? WE ARE!!!! I am soooo happy and praying for you all as you prepare to bring home a wonderful present from GOD! YEAH!! Makes my heart happy just thinking about it!

Gini - April 12, 2010 - 12:35 am

Love hearing about your journey and all of the steps in the process–even the sacrifices that are so worth it! 🙂

kristi johnson - April 12, 2010 - 12:58 am

awesome post…so well written..I love the wagon…still have to go look at his pics…going now..and then will email ya 🙂 kj

missy - April 12, 2010 - 1:12 am

i’m so blessed every time i read one of your posts. i love the story of his name…both the one chosen by you and the one chosen by his ethiopian family. it is obvious how you THANK GOD for him and how god is using your adoption not only in your family’s life, but in many others as you let us into the way you are seeking Him in the process.

Jenny - April 12, 2010 - 8:23 am

Andrea, I needed this post today more than I can express. Your perspective is such a breath of fresh air to me. In a culture where people don’t always have to sacrifice much to fulfill their “wants”, it is so refining when the Lord stretches us to sacrifice for a human life. We have been allowing ourselves to give into the “how will we pay for this adoption” fears(even though the LORD completely provided for our last adoption) and I needed this reminder today. Can’t wait to see what the Lord does today at CIS. Much love and prayers!!!

Elle J - April 12, 2010 - 2:30 pm

Another post, another learning. Happy Monday full of Blessings, Andrea!!