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Life on the farm…

Oh my!

We have been here for 3 weeks TONIGHT!

And life is…


We have 2 animal traps set up to catch what we think is a ground hog digging all kinds of business under our front porch. I was certain we caught something tonight–but then I thought it was a coyote just howling…then to realize it was a kid upstairs who decided they needed a little extra rocking. Toddlers and coyotes don’t sound that far off in the distance I have learned;).

We have been busy getting boxes unpacked and things put away. Lots to do in our house–every room needs to be painted and every lighting piece needs to be replaced. Just one room at a time. The painters are backed up and they said they can’t come until mid-May. I’ve already gotten a few rooms done to make it feel more like home so we’ll see how much is left for them to do come mid-May!

Yes–lots of things can wait…but the painting–and the lighting…can not. Trust me when I say the lighting needs to be replaced;) Exhibit A:

Lots of yard for the kids to run and play.

The first room I decided to tackle is actually in the basement. The playroom.

I painted one entire long wall (40 feet long) with chalkboard paint. Then I painted a few things on it that I wanted to stay with acrylic paint. The rest is left for them to decorate with chalk…

Then we painted a wall for the kids to leave their handprints with their friends…

Next came our family room…which is STILL in progress as I make draperies and wait on our chairs and rug to arrive. Here’s a little sneak peak though (and instead of ripping out the Spanish tile–I’m gonna work it folks:) Pictures to come soon:)

Then came the kitchen and breakfast area. Pictures to come of that soon:) It was all GOLD. I mean orange giarrdia GOLD. Now…more peaceful. BUT lots of rooms still have that deep dark gold–so I’m thinking I’m going to cut the painters work in half before mid-May gets here. Anything that’s not gold can wait. Befores and after for sure!

We are really really loving country life! We are getting our back yard ready for goats…and a dog. Because we’ve discovered you really need a dog in the country. For many reasons. Pottying around our porch to keep ground hogs away is just one of them:)

It really is amazing how peaceful things are out here. We are still learning a new pace–of slowing down…and “I’m going to town–ya need anything?” is my new favorite phrase and question.

Can’t wait to share lots of pictures!!!!!!!

But for now–I’m going to CRASH because life on the farm…oh my–and the unpacking…is wearing this momma slap out!

We’ve sure been busy though and we’ve had LOTS of visitors! Friends and family…and even Princess Tetiana!! So thankful how her family is still in our lives!!

ALSO…it’s Zeke’s FIRST Easter with us!! Have to share a pictures of his very FIRST Easter Egg hunt!

Zeke is doing great! His language is AMAZING for a 2 year old…ALMOST 3 year old. I’m soooo excited to get to celebrate his 3rd birthday soooooon! Oh how I’ve dreamed of this!

Okay–off to crash!!

Blessings to you this EASTER!!!

He has risen!!


Gretchen - April 18, 2014 - 12:32 pm

So good to hear an update about your move! Looks like a great place and like you’re enjoying it already!

Sarah Jones - April 21, 2014 - 12:19 pm

Love your leap of faith to do something new! We too, are in the process of moving and doing “farm/country life.” With you doing it first I’ll get to see all of the what to do’s and what not to do’s! 🙂 Blessings to you all!

Nicole Slack - May 8, 2014 - 10:53 pm

What an exciting time for your family! We too are moving after living in the same home for 11 years. Almost everyone has been so excited for our family but we have had the same Debbie Downers as you. Our family has decides that it is such a blessing to be able to move almost 800 miles away and that God has truly blessed us each step of the way. One of my daughter wondered if maybe the few naysayers were a bit jealous of the opportunity that we have. Maybe it is something they have long dreamt of and been fearful of doing themselves so we prayed for them….just in case.

Lesley - May 27, 2014 - 8:49 am

Congrats on finding your farm! It looks amazing! We live in Alpharetta and are also looking for a farm/land farther out. Just have a desire to slow down a little and have room for the kids to run and play. Enjoy!!