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In transit! (and by the time I finished…DELIVERED!)

Just tracked the delivery of THE package…our returned referral packet that will begin our wait for our court date and it is…

On Schedule: In transit

On FedEx vehicle for delivery by 4:30pm

YAY! It will arrive BEFORE their office closes today—so I hope our “next steps” conference call can be scheduled quickly too. I’m planning on working on the album this weekend for our baby’s birth mother. If she is unable to travel the long journey to meet us, she will be given this so she can see what our lives are like here….

Next up on our “to list” in preparing for court…Our Family Album...
I bought a beautiful 8×8 album back in the Fall that comes with a keepsake box so it will lessen any damage throughout the years, and she can carefully take it with her if she ever moves. Now…to design 30 – 8×8 pages to show everything I will want her to know and see about us. This should be quite the task. We do know that our baby’s birth mother doesn’t speak English or Amharic, the main language of Ethiopia. Sooo…to tell our story with pictures—definitely right up my alley…BUT it still will be a challenge. We also know our baby’s birth mother is a believer (another amazing answer to prayer…I wept when I read this for more of my own brokenness for her begin to make sense as there were days in the Fall I felt completely broken for her.) I asked the Lord to break my heart when her heart was broken…and there were days in the Fall I knew she was struggling as she was heavy on my heart and literally I would be broken and weeping while my three children napped and I had time with the Lord. I can only imagine how she was crying out for help—and the events that must have happened before finally realizing it would not be her that could or would raise her precious son. I truely believe, she called upon the Lord—as she is His. And for this I am so thankful.

I want some how to show her in this book that we TOO sought the Lord on her behalf and for our son…and to give her peace–that indeed the Lord was over her as she sought Him for help and hope–and oh so carefully the Lord placed her little love in another family…one that she prayed for that would not only raise her son to thrive in–but to also be ALIVE in Christ in. She has a hard story, one that I want Isaac to know first before anyone else…but I will say that it is obvious that she could not raise him. She definitely tried—and she loved him…she even named him “Thank God” and obviously was completely thankful for him. I am humbled to think our family was her prayers answered…and I am honored—completely honored to call her son my son. We share not only a son…but a Savior! And I wept like a baby when I learned of this. Should I not get to meet her when in Ethiopia—I want our album to remind her that we will indeed meet in glory one day—and to easily and clearly reveal to her that, indeed, we were the family she prayed for. I want her to have hope as she looks through it that should we not meet on Earth (although I have every hope and intention to make every effort to do so in this life), that she can rest knowing we will finally forever be reunited as one big family in heaven. I want her to have hope remembering this life is short–our troubles will be many…and Isaac will be raised like the rest of our children—with the ultimate goal of raising children whose hearts bleed for the gospel. I want her to know that she can call out to the Lord who has heard her prayer—and that it is both of hearts that Isaac will one day also call out to the Creator. I want her to see HIS HAND gently tracing through the pages of this album and my prayer is that when she sees it…she will not only see a home that she never imagined possible for Isaac…that she will not only giggle with delight that he has his own crib and a nursery fit for a prince…but also that her pain and loss will be healed in a miraculous way as she sees the hand of God on each page…knowing that only HE could have done this.

I am going to make two albums just alike so one day our sweet Isaac can flip through the pages and see what his flesh and blood looked through on the day she learned of us. It is my prayer that this book will ultimately bring glory to God and point to Him. I want Isaac to find His identity in Christ…where hope and healing live—and to rest knowing that He was the God of his story. It is also my heart to plant the passion for his people in his heart—as I feel they, too, are now my people. How thankful I am that we share the same God. Simply amazing and an answer to prayer!

My trip to the mailbox…
OK, with 3 kids 5 and under…we don’t get out much. SO–the mailbox is often an outing;). In a few months we’ll have 4 kids 5 and under…so at least the “cocooning stage” where they encourage new adoptive families to stay home for 3-6 months to bond will be easy enough for us;). NOW yesterday’s mailbox trip was QUITE the exciting adventure;). {Note to those worried about me: I seriously don’t get out much…but no worries…I DO indeed get out!} Yesterday’s mailbox trip made me tear up and jump for joy!

My precious friend Amy, from Filled with Praise, sent me the SWEETEST baby gift! A baby book for Isaac! I saw this one a few months ago on another friend’s blog and I’d been looking for it but was never able to find it! I was soooooo excited and blessed to open up a package yesterday and find this…

The pages are so perfect and sweet…

And the one that I’m particularly longing for…

Thank you Amy for loving us, standing with us and always encouraging us. Amy’s family and our family were right beside one another on the waitlist—and she bought two of these when we got on the waitlist together. She was waiting for our referrals to surprise me with mine…and what a sweet surprise to get this! Please keep their family in your prayers as they wait for their referral of their son, Elijah.

AND THEN…ANOTHER SURPRISE…truly, truly this was one exciting mailbox trip!

My sweet blog friend, Julie, of Flutterbugs made THESE for me…

LOVE IT! One thing about pregnancy verses adoption is that no one can tell I’m about to bring a baby home! BUT with this shirt…I’ll be able to share our sweet news of our son. SOOO cute Julie! And this one too…what are two things I love in Africa??? This shirt says it all…

Soooo cute!
Thank you Julie for these precious t-shirts! What a sweet gift from my precious blog friend who has been along for our journey. Julie’s family is patiently waiting for their domestic adoption referral. Please also keep their family in your prayers as they wait.

And finally…GUESS what has arrived since starting today’s post????

Yay! Just re-tracked our referral acceptance packet and the status is:

Signed for by: .FRAISER

That’s what I like to see:). Now I get to wait for our “next steps” call and spend the weekend making the album and writing a letter to Isaac’s sweet birth mother. Oh wait…tomorrow is Friday NOT today;). I think some times I get ahead of myself! Wish you all a happy Thursday! Enjoy this beautiful weather and can’t wait to catch up on the reading in the Word later tonight! XOXO!


Jenny - April 15, 2010 - 4:15 pm

oh this post is filled with so much FUN STUFF!!!! love that baby book… it’s the one i’m planning on getting… love the shirts! how awesome are they?! they’re beautiful, julie! praise the LORD isaac’s birthmom is a believer!!!! how amazing!!! and such a great idea to make two albums exactly alike so you can show isaac what his birthmom saw… oh, i’ve got to write that down! and your referral packet is there! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! so many exciting things!

Amy @ Filled With Praise - April 15, 2010 - 5:26 pm

Loved learning about Isaac’s birthmother. I cannot wait to see the album you put together. I am sure it will be beautiful and very easy to see the love you have for Isaac. I am so glad you like the album and that you already get to start filling it out. Looking forward to that day too 🙂 Of course I love Julie’s shirts she designed for you…fabulous!

Lara - April 15, 2010 - 6:46 pm

You know how Bonnie Hunt has her “feel good moment of the day?” This was like a feel good post of the day!

Becca Harley - April 15, 2010 - 8:10 pm

Andrea – i love your posts!~ I love starting and ending my day with them:). I love them shirts, love the book, love your outings!~ Our God is amazing – how He has been with both you and Isaac’s birth mother, moving in both of you – AWE-INSPIRING!!!

Dawn - April 15, 2010 - 8:29 pm

Those are precious gifts!!! I think it would be easy to tell you are expecting….probably shows on your face- like I am going to explode unless I share our news with anyone & everyone expression 🙂 Just sayin’! SSOOOOOO happy for you!!!!!! Can’t wait for more!

Jennifer - April 15, 2010 - 9:07 pm

Love all your excitement! SO FUN! I just posted Abby’s Flitterbugs dress, bow and Taggie!! LOVE THEM!!! Are you going to the Summit still?!

Amber - April 15, 2010 - 9:24 pm

Reading this post just made my heart happy, Andrea. The love you have for Isaac and his birth mother just oozes out of you. 🙂 I so enjoy keeping up with your “paper pregnancy” – would love to get together for lunch sometime soon!

Megan - April 16, 2010 - 1:17 am

Talk about a day of surprises!!! How fun!