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I’m thankful {how love makes our family}

To be a fly on our wall. This is a typical day after nap time for these two. You don’t have to say anything AT ALL. You just have to sit and watch–and get ready to laugh. I love how these two just “go together”…almost feed off each other I’d guess you’d say. And if you step back and take in that these brothers from Africa and China–were just meant to be brothers–and I’m so thankful…that love makes our family.

AND I have to just add–I love when they make up their own phrases from their feelings. Currently “huggie” is a feeling in our home. How do you feel? Huggie! So funny these two!

I’m so thankful how God has grown our family. So much laughter here…and seeing His faithfulness in our home makes me want to just keep my hands open and continue to say be the God of YOUR story for my life!! It’s not my story at all–but His.

May your home be filled with lots of laughter this season.