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Just a Day {Live each day to the fullest…}

I imagine one day I’ll wake up and wonder. What did a day look like back then when they were little? Today was a sweet one…fully of joys and a moment or two of wanting to pull my hair out–so this–even this I want to remember.

When you homeschool, you have some flexibility. Here’s a confession. Every morning–I roll out of bed at…(drum roll)…8am. Richard and the children are early risers–and they rise and read…or play…or let the goats and chickens out of their coop and kennel. The goats are just 4 months old so they are still too young to sleep in the pasture, so they sleep in a kennel in the pool house.

8am – She rises to drink coffee.

8:30 – She melts. Because she realizes the 8 year old daughter has dressed and prepped the younger boys for preschool. Sweaters. Jeans. Socks and shoes. I take a picture to remember. Then I make the 3 and 5 year old lunches.

8:45 – Out the door. Only we realize the goats need grain–so we run back in and deliver grain to those sweet goats. Then off we go to preschool.

9:05 am – We arrive to preschool carpool early. So for 10 glorious minutes we all sing praise and worship songs in the van together. Oh my…this sets the pace of our whole day. Coffee and worship. I’m ready to roll!

9:15 am – We say our good-byes and off we go!

9:30 am – Arrive to Target. Buyings snacks to contribute to preschool, cupcake sprinkles for fall fun and a treat for a friend.

10 am – School can wait…we have a dear friend to see! Seven and a half years ago when we just had 2 toddlers–my phone rang. On the other end was Mama Judy…I should say a lady…but she is now Mama Judy to us. Never underestimate what the Lord might do in a phone call. Because with that one 7 1/2 years ago a sweet friendship was born. I captured the last days of her beau–and many emails later–our hearts were connected as friends and sisters in Christ for the long haul. So thankful. Every season and holiday we see Mama Judy–so today we met to celebrate this season over doughnuts. And as always lots and lots of love from Mama J.


11:30 am – Race right back to homeschool at the farm. Only some times homeschool on the farm looks a bit like this…(okay–with added trinkets and Fall fun from Mama Judy of course!)


I looooove that these kiddos loving READING so much. I run a pretty tight homeschool ship–but some days you need to just breath and focus on the basics like reading, writing and arithmetic–and call it a day! We spent much of our day reading RIGHT here.

12:30 – Who needs lunch when you are filled up on doughnuts. We picked and had a snack instead!

1:15 pm – Carpool pick up for the preschoolers!

1:30 pm – Stopped for an hour at a horse farm to talk to the farmer about donkeys and horses. Laney is in the market for horse riding lessons–and Momma is in the market for a donkey to protect her goats. JUST FYI–many farms use donkeys to protect their herds and livestock from coyotes. Most animals will run–but a donkey stands their ground and even approaches the coyote chasing him away. If you want to keep your herd–you get a donkey…or a llama. But we are thinking long term kiddie donkey rides and nativity fun;)…so we are holding out for a livestock/kid friendly donkey:)

2:30 pm – An hour at the horse farm flew by! We’ll sing some songs about multiplication today instead of drilling. Nap time for Zeke. Outside time—and reading together about the Middle Ages in Australia. The children are big enough to read it themselves now so some days they read ahead of me!

LONG STRETCH OF JUST RESTING…READING AND BEING TOGETHER. This is what farm life has given us…some sweet un-rushed time!

5pm – Delivering one to soccer.

5:30pm – Another delivery to ballet. And 2 more to boys tumbling (they are learning how to run up a wall and back flip…crazy 5 year olds;)

5:40 – 6:15 – HOBBY LOBBY with Zeke. BLISS:)

6:30 – Pick up babies from ballet and tumbling

6:45 – Pick up love from soccer.

Call Richard in New York and check in on Bob Gates dinner…don’t love when he is traveling…but so thankful for how the Lord provides through his travels!!

7pm – I convince the kids instead of momma’s cooking–we can go grab dinner.


Laney squealed when I got this in my fortune cookie at dinner today. “Momma! You are going with the Created for Care team on a retreat this weekend! Indeed this is true! You will be in cheerful company and have a merry time!” Oh how I love that girl of mine!

8 pm – MUCH to late to take 5 children to Home Depot. BUT…I braved it any way. I need a CRAFT INTERVENTION!! Gathering supplies for a fun craft for our team of 10 to do this weekend at a little retreat as we pray and plan for the 1,000 adoption and foster mommas who come to Created for Care in 2015.

OH NO. All was well until Parker tried to close Home Depot gate thing…and there went Zeke’s fingers. And the melt down to crazy begins! NOW…just remember although the farm might look like BLISS…there is still crazy just like in any family…and it all happened here. We got a cold spray from the nice employee–who knew there was such a thing and it made his fingers feel better fast! Oh my…quickly spiraling–get kids home FAST!!!

8:30pm – Put the goats and chickens up. Bring the books, pillows and blankets off hammock in. Babes ready for bed. Call the beau and hear about his day. Excited he returns soon.

9 pm – Zulily. I shouldn’t get on…but I do…and I found adorable boots for one of my besties baby girls–so I buy them. And can’t wait to see if they fit!

And that my friends is a day…a crazy normal day—that I want to remember:)


Hope you each have a blessed weekend ahead!