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How He loves us…

This week has been a really hard week for this momma’s heart. Not sure why-just one of those weeks! Okay…I think momma is in the perfect storm. End of the semester of homeschooling and she is due for a break. Waiting desperately for the USCIS letter approval and running to the mailbox every day and walking back up totally bummed. Trying to keep up with emails and daily ship out packages so we can cover our upcoming retreat expenses for 1,000 amazing mommas. Lots of pouring out and little pouring in. I took some 1 year old pictures for a sweet friend last week and haven’t been able to find 10 minutes to upload them–but she reminded me tonight…and as I downloaded pictures I was also be reminded of how He loves me…as pictures on that same camera from the kids opening up love from Mama Judy filled my computer’s screen. The reminder–was just what this momma needed.

Do you ever feel like that? You are called. Not ever easy. Called to pour out. And while you come to Him daily and He fills your cup–still as you pour…how refreshing and sweet it would be to have one person to be your “soul tender” and to so sweetly pour pack into you? The Lord blessed me with Mama Judy over 5 years ago…and without fail every season in our lives she loves us and pours in. That’s what she is to me–a soul tender. She sneaks treats on our front door, encourages me through out the year, reads every blog entry–and drives away..not needing a thank you or anything to be returned…just here to pour into us…and it’s always during seasons and days she could never have planned it but it’s so perfect for whatever we’re going through. Amazing how and when He loves us through others…amazing how He presses on others hearts to reach out and love on particular times, days and seasons. Being on the other end of that…always follow your instinct–you never know how it will bless someone you love!

Here’s are a few memories captured from our Mama J love last week! When she asked if the kids liked hot chocolate…UM…Frank is like in love with it;)

Laney feeling the love too…they are a little crazy when it comes to chocolate:)

And if you still haven’t gotten stocking stuffers yet–Oh my–these have been QUITE the hit at our house! You put them on your fingers–and they are little laser lights:) The next day they insisted on sleeping in them and I had to remember to go in and turn them off:)

Isaac had the honor of opening up his little brother’s gift from Mama Judy too…doesn’t he look excited to have the honor?

There’s more Mama Judy love postshere and here and hear and here and here and here for you to enjoy. I’m tellin’ ya…she is one of my most blessed gifts! Thank you Mama J for loving us so big!!! Love you to pieces!



april - December 19, 2012 - 12:51 am

i LOVE isaac’s face in the last picture…priceless and adorable! What a blessing she is to your family! 🙂