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Home-made Almond Butter

Sooo…my little sister just left today. She was in town visiting from Asheville, NC–and she is Miss Organic…so she was quite impressed I’d say with my almond butter skills;). Seriously–she left one night and had a date with herself at Wholefoods swooning over the size of the store up the street. She returned with a big container of almond butter–she was super impressed with the nut pressing machine there. I told her that was NOTHING…and her big sister could take the machine on and would top their almond butter;). She put me to the test–and I was crackin’ her up–so she got out the video and entertained me with a little infomercial on how to make it. SO enjoyed your visit KT!!!

Here’s her video of me making almond butter–with no makeup…hair slicked back…ready to get the job done on a Sunday night way, way too late to be doing such a workout:)

If you want to try this at home–you just need a churn or sorts. I bought mine in Zambia Africa while hanging out with Wiphan. You just spread out your nuts on a cookie sheet (almonds, peanuts, cashew–whatever…you can even combine nuts to make a yummy cashew almond butter) and roast on 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. You can grind up in a food processor OR if you want to be old school like me (because it’s way more fun–AND a better workout) you can put them in a churn and go to town. I keep mine plain, but if you like you can add vanilla, honey, salt, agave nectar…experiment and have fun!


Wanted to give a shout out THANKS to Jen Pighini, Bobbi Wilson, Kathey Beymer and Molly Hellmuth for their contributions toward Tetyana’s travel from the Ukraine! THANK YOU! Thank you for being a part of the ministry at New Horizons and joining us in loving orphans in Ukraine! With the 31 Gifts Fundraiser my friend Tammy hosted added in–we have almost $350 toward her travel!!! We’ll be making the final payments in a few weeks for her travel–and we are very excited to open our hearts and home this summer to this precious 15 year old girl! You can read more about this on a post from last week! Thank you Jen, Bobbi, Kathey and Molly for joining us…you ladies are now a part of this special journey and we are so thankful to have others walking this with us and praying along side us!