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Happy Spring:)

Oh my…I almost forgot I had a blog;). I’ve been busy schooling the kiddos–full days over here…and doing my best to run this race well. Most days it seems this mommma is completely wiped before the sun even goes down—and my days are filled with little things (I mean very important things) like exchanging a Buzz Lightyear night light at the bookstore for one that works, picking up Rosie from getting FURminatored–the pet store has to do that for me because this momma is allergic AND baking gluten free goodness with lots of cocoa blended in. Yes…this is a taste of a typical day for this momma:) Hence, leaving little time for taking pictures of the action and documenting it on my blog for me to remember later:)

We got our approval to host Tetyana–a 15 year old angel from the Ukraine. She will turn 16 while she is here with us this summer–and this will be a bittersweet birthday as she will age out of the orphanage system. Oh my heart. She will arrive here in late June and be with us until August. We have some work to do to get her room ready! Parker and Frank share a room–and their room connects to Laney’s room through a Jack-and-Jill bath. Isaac is the only one with his own bedroom AND bath–so we’ll be moving Isaac to Laney’s room so Tetyana can have her own room and bathroom for the summer. We’ll need to get a daybed—and hopefully I can find one that Isaac can use later. I think THIS from Ikea would be the perfect thing.

Rico and I are still farm dreaming. To take the plunge and put a for sale sign in our yard or to stay put…THAT is the question. I think Rico is going to jet set for Zambia before Tetyana gets here for some Wiphan business. Is it just me–or do we have a crazy life?

Our house has been SO CHILL here lately…seriously–we’ve been working on counting money, telling time and different spellings for the long a sound. Crazy I know;). I had Christy Elphick, my sister April and Angie Carley over last night to start Created for Care planning for 2013. We had more fun that business–BUT that’s usually how things go down over here:).

I promise to be a little more exciting in my next post. BUT this is me folks–and I’m keeping it real:) It’s warmin’ up here in the South (seriously…PERFECT spring weather!)–so if you are a local friend…I think we need to brew the sweet tea and hit the culdasac with bikes and scooters:)

A few things in bloom this Spring at our house…

Azaleas (these originated from my Alabama home…my daddy took plantings from the azaleas at my parents home–and gave them to us to replant and enjoy too…)

Raspberry vines…these buds are about to flower and in the months again will reap a harvest that send us running out barefoot in the morning to collect them for breakfast…one of our favorite memories!

Blackberry buds…behind our raspberry vines are the blackberries! I love when little friends come over…they know to run on in, grab a bowl and get to pickin’! Or skip the bowl and just go help yourself to a snack! Can’t wait for these vines to get going!

Lots of onions…love hitting the garden before we start a dish–nothing is as yummy as something freshly picked!

We planted our tomatoes, peppers and beans too!

This will be year 3 for the blueberry bushes–so we are hopeful this will be the year to begin the blueberry harvest…

Our apple and pear trees are all in bloom. Love the blooms on these fruitful trees–and hopefully this will be the year to begin to see the pears!

And as always…lot of herbs!

Okay, that’s really all Rico Suave’s stuff…here are a couple of mommy’s:)…

Who wants to guess what these are???

AND of course one of the sweetest creations at our house…couldn’t you just EAT this one right UP?!

HAPPY SPRING sweet friends!!!



Christy - April 13, 2012 - 6:43 am

Fun times, for sure! What’s your favorite sweet tea recipe? I need to make my own more often!

Dawn Wright - April 13, 2012 - 9:26 pm

How could your home be anything but fun and exciting!!!! 🙂

ashley - April 17, 2012 - 4:34 pm

your top purple flower is a clemantis…and i bet it climbs your mailbox!