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A super fun FUNdraiser! {31 Gifts – With Proceeds Going to New Horizons for T’s Travel!}

We’re having a FUN-raiser THIS weekend–and we’d LOVE for you to share this with all of your friends! As some of your know, Rico Suave and I signed up to host a 15 year old (she’ll turn 16 while she is with us this summer!) from Ukraine. She lives in an orphanage in Ukraine and because she is almost 16–so this is her LAST CHANCE to get to participate in the hosting program. This is the FIRST time she has ever had the chance…and also her last.

While many in the program are elementary age–there are also older children like Tetyana who ask to participate. Not all of the children are paired with families, and often the younger ones are chosen first. Richard and I were praying over the children’s pictures just a couple of weeks ago with no intentions AT ALL of hosting–until we saw Tetyana’s picture and read her story.

She is an extremely talented young lady who has won awards for her beautiful embroidery work (she LOVES crafts:). She also competes through the school she attends in dance–Ukrainian folk dance (can you tell I’m already a proud “mom”?!) She ALSO loves to cook (sound like Rico Suave?!) and for years she has helped the cooks in the orphanage learning how to perfect her cooking skills (she makes Pelmini–Russian ravioli–from scratch!). As I read how gifted this young lady is–I began to dream for her…I really believe this young lady has a bright, hopeful and exciting FUTURE!!! And then…I was moved to tears. Thinking of what the future is for many orphans that age out of the system. Honestly, I do not know what the Lord wants to do with our hosting experience–but I do believe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship–and we hand it over to the Lord to do whatever He wants! We are so excited to have her here–and we would love to invite you to be a part of it!

My dear friend Tammy Dugger (if you came to Created for Care she was one of the volunteers AND co-led the Photography 101 session) sells 31 Gifts. THIS WEEKEND until SUNDAY NIGHT she is hosting an ONLINE 31 GIFTS party for Tetyana’s travel!!! 31 Gifts has some SUPER fun things–and all the proceeds will go toward Tetyana’s plane ticket and travel expenses! THIS WEEKEND’S special is if you spend $31 you get 50% off any purse!!! Sooo…if you need a bag for the beach, lunch box for one of your littles for the year ahead, fun storage for your home or travel bags for a summer trip…come on over and shop this weekend for the New Horizons hosting program on behalf of Tetyana! (The travel expenses through New Horizons for the summer program is $2950)

ENTER STORE HERE THROUGH THIS LINK FOR PROCEEDS TO GO TOWARD T’S TRAVEL! (And if you have friends that you’d like to share this with–PLEASE share this blog link!) I will be raffling off ANY free incentives I win from purchases! If you want to be entered into the raffle–JUST SHARE THIS BLOG POST on Facebook or your blog and let me know in the comments how you shared!!! Seriously–we are super thankful for any and everyone who shares! (THANK YOU!)

Here are some of my favorite things I just spotted in the catalog…

Would THIS not be the CUTEST little ballet, gym or sleepover bag for a little princess?!…

LOVE this magazine basket!

My friend Kelly gave me this carry all basket–and I use it for picnics, carrying loads of fun when I am party mom at the preschool and for sporting events when I have lots to carry…LOVE it!

I have ZERO cute tote bags for a night away for this mom…but this one is SO cute I just might have to splurge! This would be too cute for a girly girl or teen too…

If you love things personalized with little characters–this bag and coin clutch are TOO cute! You can fit up to 6 figures (kids, pets…whatever)! YOU pick characters and names to go on the bag or clutch! Cuteness!

My FAVORITE are the purses!!! You can buy a purse and different “skirts” to go with it–so you NEVER have to change our a purse but rather just slip a new skirt over it to change things up or match what you are wearing. So fun! I certainly do not have time to change purses–but a slip…not that might be a different story! AND–if you spend $31 this weekend–you get a purse for 50% off!!! LOVE this one…


To be entered to win the raffle (or simply because you want to be a part!)–share this on Facebook or your blog–comment to let us know how you shared! AND if you bought something in the 31 Fundraiser–let us know that too so we can enter you AGAIN!

Many people wonder why in the world you would host an orphan for 5 weeks–and then have them return to their country. Almost 90% of orphans hosted through the program end up being adopted by the host family OR a family that met and connected while they were hosted. Others who are not adopted form relationships with families that are maintained and support them throughout their lives. Many of these children have NEVER experience the love of family OR had a chance to learn about Christ. While the child we are hosting will age out this summer, we believe the Lord has a big plan for her–and whether or not it’s through adoption we believe this summer is a big part of the plan in some way. Not everyone is called to adopt–not everyone is called to host–not everyone can open up their home to more–but in some way we can all be a part! We invite you to be a part of loving this child with us. If you know of other families hosting this summer, please be in prayer for them as their lives are radically changed, as they navigate through language barriers and as they share the love of Christ with a new one in their home. Look for ways you can be a part by checking in and seeing if there is anything you can do to also pour love into these children. The impact and love that is poured into these children will go a long way!

Don’t forget to comment if you blog, Facebook or buy something from 31 so we can enter you in the fun raffle!

***Fundraiser begins Saturday morning – April 14th and goes until SUNDAY at midnight – April 15th!)***

Vicki - April 14, 2012 - 11:04 am

Andrea: I’ve read your blog for a couple of years and, while I don’t always agree with some of your viewpoints, I can wholeheartedly attest to the dreadful life that awaits most Russian orphans. My son worked in Russia for a number of years, and he always said his least favorite part of life there was going through the Moscow airport because there would be women standing outside with babies begging the “rich Americans” to take their children. He said he’d always end up crying as he walked past them, but as a young, struggling single man,he was not in a position to do much to help except to give them money. He still gives quite liberally to a Russian orphanage that he lived near while in Moscow. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to buy some of my favorite products while helping you and your family host this orphan. I do hope the Tetyana can find a better path through life. Thank you for helping her!

Staci Bolton - April 14, 2012 - 3:48 pm

Excited to support your fundraiser for hosting Tetyana with a purchase from 31 Gifts! Loved reading more about Tetyana, too! Hope it’s a very productive weekend!

Rory - April 14, 2012 - 6:05 pm

Thanks Andrea! Got your message and went ahead and purchased a gift certificate for my friend’s giveaway. Not only is it helping bring HER child home, but it is helping bring T home too. So excited how God works! I sent a message to Tammy asking her about how to proceed with redeeming the gift certificate, so I’m guessing we’re all good. Thanks for the opportunity to come alongside in this great race we’re running. Love and blessing to you this weekend!:)

Candy - April 15, 2012 - 10:17 am

Can you give me information on how to host a child like this for a summer, please?

Debb - April 16, 2012 - 3:01 am

I blogged and posted on FB…….but more importantly, I am PRAYING!!!!! 😀

Sarah - May 30, 2012 - 4:00 pm

Hello! I have never read your blog before, I just came across it by chance while looking into ways to raise money for our second adoption. Our son is almost 2 years old, he was adopted from Russia. We are hoping, God willing, to adopt a little girl with special needs from China. I was wondering how your 31 party went? I just called the corporate office for more information, and will be looking for a consultant. I was hoping that you might share what worked and/or didn’t work with your fundraiser. Thank you in advance, Sarah