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happy birthday {5 years of miracle}

And he thanked God for his birthday. And on this day–I always thank God for her…and wish she, too, could hear this sweet prayer “Thank you God for giving me a birth day.”


I sat there across from him in Chick-fil-a…his restaurant of choice on his special day. His best friend by his side. (The VERY weekend we stepped off the plane–we went to the hospital to meet William. Little did I know they would really be best friends!)

They were giggling about 4 year old…now 5 year old things–and I wiped away tears as quickly as I could as they giggled.

All I could think was, “I wish she could just see THIS.”

This miracle that was touch and go—that many of you were on your knees for…here I sat–I get to be the one sitting across from him and his William–on his birthday dinner…watching them giggle.

So many thoughts ran through this momma head of mine.

How BLESSEd we adoptive mommas are. I never take this privilege…the holy, sacred ground I stand on…for granted. And I wish I could tell her so many things.

His giggle is contagious.

He is a faithful friend. A sacrificial buddy. He’d give anything of his away to make a friend smile.

He loves to…eat:) Cereal bars. Pizza. Chicken Fingers. And he loves to make jokes about broccoli. My favorite is when I hear him ask his little friends if they are scared of broccoli.

He loves to honor us. He even named his chicken after me;).

We all wondered would he walk? Would he run? Oh–he’s a fast one!!! Determined. And if he doesn’t win–if he’s the last one among his big brothers–he finishes. Every. Time. Belly laughing is what makes him come in last. A good reason if I say so myself!

He’s a fast swimmer. Two years of therapy. Graduated. No more of that. Now he’s just a fish!! He can swim the length of a pool underwater. And he rocks at all the pool games he plays with his siblings. But…he can be a sore loser. The minute it’s his turn again though–it’s as if you can hear the heaven’s sing with the sight of that big HUGE grin across his face.

Ask him who his best friend is? He says William. Or maybe Jesus. And then he names every friend he knows…and Frank. And John David…and the list goes on.

He is one of the greatest joys of our lives. And we are forever grateful. For the life you gave him. That some how–we get to raise him and be his parents.

Richard walked in the living room after he was tucked into night–to find me sitting on the couch wiping away tears. Every year on this day–I end this day…thinking about you. Wishing some how the mommas that gave my babies life knew–just how precious and amazing…how they have turned out–so good…so full of life…so happy—and I just pray some how there is peace in hearts that only God could give. This little one is more than full of life and happy–he is truly amazing!!! So, so blessed and not taking a moment of this privilege for granted!



Happy birthday to our beautiful 5 year old boy!!!