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Happy 9 months to my baby boy!


Today—May 7th, 2010—you turned 9 months old! 9 months ago TODAY…you were born into this world. 9 months ago today, God called this momma to be your momma. It has been a long road, but worth every bit. AND TODAY…I long to be with you. I wish I could photograph this 9 month milestone…whatever you are doing TODAY–to me…it doesn’t matter, because I just want to be with you and watching you do it! I rejoice because this is the LAST milestone I will miss. I pray that this Thursday I can celebrate your 9 month milestone knowing I am officially your mommy and you are officially my son! How my heart longs to pass the first time–but let our hearts trust in our Maker…our Father…for what is best and will bring Him the most glory…yet I still have to put in my request…because you are my son already in my heart…you have been that for a long time…and now I long to be with you and not miss another milestone.

I wonder what you are doing today on your 9 month big day? As I write…I bet you are getting ready for bed and your big day is almost over. Tears. I want to be there with you. It’s around 9pm there…is someone rocking you? Because I long to! I pray that right now, you are being loved…being held and that the Holy Spirit will fill you with strength and encouragement…that He would whisper in your ear that you have a mommy and daddy waiting on you…and that mommy will be there soon! I pray that some how your heart will know that today and you and I could rest in God’s strength together.

Goodnight my sweet boy…mommy is thinking about you—longing to have you in my arms! My heart aches to not have you with us on such a big milestone. How I wish I could hold you before you turn 10 months! I stare at your pictures, trace my hands over your sweet little face and dream of what it will be like to finally have you hear. Yes, I know it will be crazy…because it’s already crazy here;). But I long for you to be a part of our crazy:). Sweet dreams my little love!



Jenny - May 7, 2010 - 5:44 pm

happy 9 months, isaac!!!

Megan - May 7, 2010 - 8:49 pm

I was trying to click “like” and then I realized…this isn’t FB! =)