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Grocery Day…

Sooo…Monday is normally our grocery day–but since we spent all day yesterday at the dentist for Tettily-too…we ate banana sandwiches last night for dinner (of course Rico and Laney-loo had date night and dinner out though)…and we made TODAY (Tuesday) grocery day this week.

And if you ever wonder what we look like grocery shopping…truly…at Trader Joe’s you can’t miss us;) We made quite the scene. (Thank you stock boy for grabbing my phone when you saw me attempting a pic so I could jump in the fun!)

THEN…we had to leave TJ’s and head to Kroger to get the rest of the ingredients for Ukrainian Borscht that T wanted to make. (Now, THIS was the coolest unasked answered prayer ever. Just YESTERDAY as Laney and Isaac sat for HOURS waiting in the dentist office for Tettily-too…they were looking at magazines. They saw a Disney World advertisement and they BOTH said they really wanted to go to Disney one day because we’ve never been and they wanted to really see characters. I thought it was pretty sweet to see the kids giving up things to do other things–yet they were blessed anyway as we went to the store today!) Look who was waiting for our family at the entrance of Kroger…I mean–when does that happen???

So…that was our morning. We now have groceries. We can eat again;)

And our afternoon was spent on google translate. It was a really great day for T because she got 100% of momma. But I sure missed my babies. I kept running down to the basement playroom to make sure they were okay. I had to stay upstairs with T because she wanted to cook borscht and I don’t want to leave her upstairs with a stove she doesn’t know how to work…and we have to constantly use google translate as she wants to communicate. She gets VERY frustrated if I try to get her to communicate without it…and momma chooses her battles and just uses the computer to keep joyful hearts.

I did share some of my heart with our T tonight…how some times this is hard for me. And as she watched me run up and down the stairs to meet everyone’s needs and still be there for her–I saw compassion…something I didn’t see at first. She started wiping our cooking mess off the counters and being a helper. SO proud of her and the changes that are happening!!!

We cooked borscht using this recipe. The Denton’s came over for dinner and it was a really fun night! The adults all sit in the dining room on our dinner nights while the kids sit at the kitchen table. I told T she could go to which ever she wanted–and she did what she always does and chose the adult table. She very much sees herself as an adult—this girl is thick as nails too. Cooking with her requires deep breathing. Do it her way–or get out of the kitchen. I love messing with her when she is like this. I’ll type in on google “T is a stubborn cook.” And she laughs her head off–cause she knows it’s true.

We practiced learning a few sentences today and she practiced them to Papa, my daddy, on the phone. It was hilarious because the girl only knows/says, “I love you, Good night, Hello, I’m sorry, Okay, Toilet…” you know–a few basics. We decided to make up a dialogue for her to say to Papa. And we practiced for EVER…and then we put it to the test. Here is T practicing…

We really do have a lot of fun together!

After the Denton’s left for dinner, we went and delivered lots of extra borscht to the Schmidt family–another hosting family in our city. THEN we returned books to the library book depository:) The little things are exciting over here.

We have a family of 6 coming to town from out of state to stay with us for the rest of the week until the weekend. We had it on our calendar before we ever thought about hosting…so things might get a little more crazy around here! We have a big weekend trying to squeeze in the Young family lake reunion–a trip to Stone Mountain park AND having friends over who speak Russian after church on Sunday…and THEN…Monday is her birthday. Sniff, sniff. She’s really turning 16. And my heart is really sad that she is such a big girl. We made promises last night of things she would never get into back in the Ukraine…I’m afraid that a trip is on my calendar for the future…like really, really soon. Gotta make sure this girl is in a safe place and taken care of. Oh my…our lives are really crazy.

Now…time for momma to go to sleep. I have a checkup at the doc FOR ME at 9:15 am. Then schedule more dental for T. Then plan a party for Monday…so much to do. On a side note–if you are gluten free–you totally need to try Koala Krisp. It is so stinkin’ delish at midnight.



Jennifer - July 25, 2012 - 8:32 am

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the video clip! Brings back fun memories from when our son came home. Such brave kids!

Lacy - July 25, 2012 - 11:22 am

I absolutely love this post! We are praying for you, your family, and T. The video is priceless! I love that she runs to you giggling! You can certainly see the changes in your posts and pictures. I am so glad you decided to document all of this.