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GoGally Grill… (How the Young’s cook their ribs!)

***You guys know this momma doesn’t advertise…but when it comes to FAMILY inventions…I just have to share–because this one is just too cool!!!***

While I wait for my gazillon baseball and daddy-daughter-date pictures to download–I decided you all just need to see what our Uncle Buck has been up to! Sooo…when I married Richard–I not only married into a FOOTBALL lovin’ family–but one that is serious about tailgating, creating community and COOKIN’! The last few years, Uncle Buck has been dreaming up this Grill–and now…it’s actually a reality. I can’t say ENOUGH about the precious family behind this invention (they are…after all my family!) BUT you absolutely have to check this out and make your hubby sit through the infomercial too!

Here’s cousin Lucy…quite the model–and QUITE the cook just like her daddy!

If you go to the GoGally website here: you can see Lucy in action behind the fully portable grill…how ’bout taking that to tailgates, camping or on vacation!

Not sure how long they’ll be doing the cookbooks–but you can sign up to be a part of the community and if you are married to a man that likes to grill…then you’ll definitely want to check out the cookbook deal HERE. (My apologies if you are reading this post weeks after I wrote it if it’s no longer!) And how COOL is that how it is motorized and raises to the back of your vehicle???

SOOO…now you know what we’ll be eating from when we go to Uncle Buck’s throughout the year!!! And you don’t mess with Isaac and ribs. Uncle Buck is sure to win his heart!!! Here’s a picture of Isaac with Uncle Buck…whom I think doesn’t have to use his ribs or his GoGally to win his heart…that was done a long time ago;).

Yep…this is the same Uncle Buck that wins them over on the tractor too…

So…take a minute and go watch cousin Lucy showing off her daddy’s grill…and if your hubby is in need of grill–and getting one that you could take ANY where…you have to check out the video:

Cheri Rogers - March 14, 2011 - 12:55 am

Watched. Watched with Bob. I’m a good friend like that. 🙂