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Going Green (Get your St.Paddy’s on…)

It’s time for some SPRING cleaning…so I asked my Facebook friends for organization tips…which led me to the book store buying the book Organized Simplicity. I’m following her guide to de-cluttering, and I’m starting with the family room. Really–you do NOT want to hear details or see pictures! It’s a mess:). SOOO…I thought I’d help you guys GO GREEN in another way with your kiddos! St.Patrick’s Day is just a FEW days away!!!

SOOOO…here’s a few ideas I did last year that might give you all some time to get some of this green on yourselves!!! Here’s my 2 cents on GOING GREEN…

Make your kids a fun POT OF GOLD…

Our “pot of gold” made from limes…a dash of sugar and whipped topping inside…and then lemon jello…IMG_2049

This is super simple. Just cut open your lime–cleaning it out a bit. Add a little sugar, whipped topping (trust me on this), and then carefully cut tiny squares of lemon cut jello.

With the left over jello, you can make small cups of “gold” for snack time later!

GREEN drinks!

Lime-aide…All. Day. Long…YUM…IMG_2045

Ok…I thought this was gross…but they thought this was fun today…green milkIMG_2106

And the milk and lime-aide will be perfect with this yummy veggie at dinner time–our FAVORITE here…brussel sprouts! Our kids LOVE these…but you HAVE to cook ’em like this for our to gobble them up!IMG_2099

Not a brussel sprout fan? Well, you just need to try this! Our kids BEG for them. We learned a trick while in New York visiting a chef with the Food Network. You have to slice them in half, sautee in olive oil (ONLY)…NO salt, pepper or flavoring! And you must sautee in a iron skillet. Sautee in olive oil for 4-5 mintues until lightly browned on edges—and then stick in oven in iron skillet at 350 degrees for 5 more mintues stirring occasionally. TRUST ME ON THIS! We serve these to dinner guests ALL the time and they try to make themselves and call us for instructions! It’s THAT easy. But you have to do it just like that…and they are like candy! YUM!IMG_2092
Just to vouch for these, two of my dearest friends Jett and Kelly both told me that hated brussel sprouts. I made them try them this way…and they LOVE THEM now!

AND…just to make you laugh–LAST YEAR–I was in charge of snacks for my son’s kindergarden class. I brought in everything green…the lime cups of gold, celery, limeaide, green peppers with dip…snap-peas…I was having so much fun and sent in just about everything I could think of! I spotted Wasibi Peas and sent them in but I NEVER had tasted them before and didn’t know how HOT they were. Unfortunately, my son’s teacher had never tasted them either. IMAGINE the response in a kindergarden class when a bunch of little 5 year olds popped THESE in their mouths…NOT good! Mom of the Year Award…right;)?!

Alright–so don’t forget to get your green on for St.Patrick’s Day on March 17th!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

SleepyMom - March 15, 2011 - 10:07 am

Thanks for the brussell sprout recipe! Do you have to use fresh or will frozen work?

Future Mama - March 15, 2011 - 10:46 am

Looove all the tips! We don’t have our little one yet…but maybe I will surprise my hubby with some fun 😉

Much love,
Future Mama

Christy - March 15, 2011 - 3:41 pm

hahahah… that is hilarious about the Wasabi peas! 🙂 Love your tips. I looked everywhere for gold coins last year that the kids could wake up to that the “leprachauns left”… and I was way too late! So this year I’m on the ball with those, but had not thought of the jello! 🙂 And YES, we want to see before and after shots of your house so you can help the rest of us with kiddie stuff everywhere to get organized! I am so glad you posted that question on FB because now I’m getting her blog updates and have her book on my Amazon list to buy later. Thanks! 🙂