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God’s purpose for us is greater than we could ever imagine!

In my procrastination to finish up the last few sessions I have to edit to finish up my photography business (for those of you who don’t know I have a photography business, I have been dreaming. It’s something I do often especially during our adoption wait:). What is our REAL purpose? What is God’s bigger plan for our adoption? What if we find out our baby’s birth mother is still living, loves our son TREMENDOUSLY but just can’t do it? What will we do with that Lord? What is God’s bigger plan in this? What will we do with the information the Lord lays before us–and how will we accept the challenge He puts on our hearts whatever that may be? I truly believe that the Lord has called us to adoption, but I also believe He has a really big plan and purpose—greater than we could ever imagine. And it’s not even that important that I know what it is…but what really matters is that we are opening up our hands to say HERE I AM LORD–USE ME. Whatever. Whenever. However.

Take a minute listen to Michael McLean’s songs on my playlist today. And if you are adopting–close your eyes (they are at the very end of my playlist)…listen to the words—and my prayer is that you would join me in opening your hands and saying HERE I AM LORD—USE ME in your adoption. Whatever YOUR purpose. I believe in all things YOU have a plan. You are always on time. Your plans are perfect. Protect our journey from ourselves—may it only be YOUR hand Lord that touches each step. Give us courage Lord to do whatever You ask us to do. Give us patience Lord to wait on You. Open our ears so we can hear your voice and what you ask of us. Give us strength to say the words you want us to say…to whoever you want us to say them to. Help us to love, to serve and to allow YOU to work through us.

This song “Something Perfect” makes me think of our birth mother—and our potentially getting to meet her. Among the heartache and pain of having to let your baby go because of difficult circumstances…there is something perfect happening here. If we don’t get to meet her because she has passed away—even in the mourning of death–there will be a new MORNING…a new day…when we hold our baby for the first time…it will be closing one door and opening another giving our baby a forever family…there will be something perfect happening in that moment. Even in our trials and sadness, there is something perfect happening when we have trusted the Lord as our Savior. He has a plan. When we are waiting and it doesn’t make sense, there is something perfect happening. Listen to this song again and let it minister to you as you trust in the Lord’s perfect plan.

And to our SWEET child that will one day read this journey…I have NO doubt that your birth mother loved you TREMENDOUSLY. Her sacrifice was one of great love, pain and hope. We will never forget her, and she will always be loved in our home. Just as Jechebed had to let Moses go so he might live–she had to do the same. My prayer is that God would use you greatly to impact our world…and that I would be a brave mommy and keep my hands open to the Lord’s calling on not only my life–but yours too. I love you my son. You can do ANYTHING through Christ who gives you strength!

And let our service, sacrifice and love to orphans not stop with our adoptions of our sons and daughters. Bring us opportunity Lord to continuously invest in the lives of YOUR children that are in NEED…NEED of YOU…NEED of believers to be YOUR HANDS AND FEET…help us to live outside of our culture—to live radically for You Jesus. Help us to love the children you have already placed in our care with Your love. Help us to live frugal lives so we may impart the blessings You have given us and share it with others. And protect us Lord from getting too caught up in our own stories, our own circumstances, our own wait, our own blessings that we miss THE PURPOSE that YOU orchestrated for us to persue and follow through. Let us run the race with perserverance!!!

[For an amazing opportunity on impacting orphans who will not be adopted but instead are being cared for in their compounds by widows–and offered a free education, food, uniforms and medical care, please visit]

crispy - December 8, 2009 - 8:54 pm

Once again I am so blessed by your thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing.

We have been doing our Jesse tree with the kids and I noticed in so many passages we have read, that the persons response is "here am I Lord". We need to do the same. Use me in any way you see fit.

Jenny - December 8, 2009 - 9:33 pm

amen, amen, amen! oh that our hearts will always be broken for the injustices of the world!!

lindsey - December 11, 2009 - 10:11 am

Love this.