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Frankie-baby love…

So…we have nothing to worry about our house–because we officially have 24-7 security going on…I mean–he is intimidating…RIGHT???

My kids play dress up 24/7–and today was policeman day for Frank…

I’m not sure why the Lightning McQueen rainboots or pj bottoms go with this outfit…but just roll with it.

THEN…I got a really fun little happy in the mail this week. It was from a blog-reader friend in Texas. She was about to throw out a ginormous jersey–but she couldn’t bring herself to do it because she knew someone in Georgia about 3 feet tall might like it. If you’ve read my blog–then you know Frankie-baby has a jersey obsession. I thought SURELY he wouldn’t like one that swallowed him whole…RIGHT?! So I pulled this out of the package and put it on him…

We laughed…and then I thought, “Whew! He doesn’t like it! That would have been bad!”

Laney tried to help him fix it because he was tripping all over it…

And then–it was time to leave for a dinner. SO…I tried to take it off. And what happened next? TEARS. “No mama! Frank big soccer team! No mama!” SO…now…not only does Frank insist on things like jerseys EVERY. WHERE. WE. GO. BUT now…look at his newest obsession…and we have to tuck it in so he doesn’t trip!

YA GOTTA LOVE FRANKIE-BABY! This kid just makes you smile!

On a more serious note…my Loo took my breath away as we were heading out the door…and I was captivated by her…I just HAD to snag a few pictures…she melts this momma’s heart too!

Melts my heart!

Last but not least…a precious kindred spirit–while she might be 10 years younger…she keeps me young at heart and we both love so many of the same people and things…the Lord, Anne of Green Gables, Redeeming Love, dessert for breakfast, hot tea and coffee…all very important things in life!

How thankful I am for the way the Lord provides…this momma just needed some time with one of her younger friends these past two weeks to be reminded of many of the things she does love outside of just diapers (wait…did I just say I love diapers?!) We all need that some times…friends who challenge you to talk about the things YOU love…things that make you YOU…before diapers…before this and that…before life got too busy to know or remember. (Please tell me that you haven’t forgotten!)

SOOO…if you have forgotten which flavor of hot tea is your favorite…or if you are too busy changing diapers or doing laundry to even know–then this week’s challenge is to start there. Pick you up a box of flavored hot tea…sit back and enjoy a cup…one cup a night…with your side-kick hubby or friend–and you have to let me know which is your favorite! (Some times it the little things like this that bring rest to our worn out always running around selves!) Anything with wild berry + 2 teaspoons of sugar…is my favorite. YUM! And I’ll say having quiet time with hot tea…DELIGHTFUL…even better!

Hope you all have a great week! XOXO!


Elle J - February 28, 2011 - 1:25 am

Your daughter is beautiful!!! and Frank makes me smile. =) We are tea drinkers here too, so I relate to your comment about cup o tea and quiet time with your fav buddy. My hubby likes green tea plain, and I like Chamomile with sugar. =)

Kim - February 28, 2011 - 9:47 am

Love that Frank. And when did Laney start looking so big? OH MY … she is gorgeous (just like her Momma)!
Guess who I met Sunday in Hong Kong? Caytie from Walking It Out. I am hoping to meet Miss Sadie on Thursday! How exciting is that?
Thank you for “introducing” sending her my way.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Katie - February 28, 2011 - 10:12 am

1.) Frank is hilarious and adorable! 2.) Lanie is STUNNING. What a beautiful little girl! (I definitely think you need another girl around the house, by the way!) 3.) I love a good cup of hot tea. My favorite is Tazo Earl Gray with honey ( So good!

Theresa - February 28, 2011 - 1:11 pm

What beautiful photos! Love them all.

Alison - February 28, 2011 - 2:37 pm

Precious, precious pictures!! Frank cracks me up, and Laney is just beautiful!! And my favorite is Earl Gray k-cups in the Keuring in the morning! So easy and so yummy! And I add a packet of Truvia! Oh, and I am an Anne of Green Gables lover too!!! In fact, Jody knows that my dream vacation is to one day go to Prince Edward Island! 🙂