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First steps to my “Year in Review”

Mommying is my job. Yes–I’m a photographer…but my first job is and always has been–MOM. This past year, having a 3rd baby in our family, I really began to feel my 2nd job (photographer) start to creep into how I did my first job (mommy)…so it was time to close down job #2 (photographer) for awhile and focus only on job #1 (mommy). We, as mommies, have a HUGE task and role as we raise the children God has trusted into our care. So, as with any job–I like to always reflect on the year’s past–and most importantly to plan strategically for the year ahead. Of course in the year ahead, we’ll be adding #4–but for now we have 3–Parker, Laney and Frank…so that’s where my focus must be. I try to REALLY think and LIST their current areas of strengths and weaknesses–and this helps me think strategically about what *I* can do to help their gifts shine—their weaknesses be stronger…and more than anything it helps my lack of patience as I am more mentally prepared to deal with the weaknesses. I begin to stop tossing things off as “terrible 2’s” or just being kids—and I have a “go to board” that Richard and I have discussed and planned for when we see issues arise. Doing this also reminds me to appropriately encourage and praise when we see strengths come out (YAY!) or growth throughout the new year (SUPER YAY!). When I list what their weaknesses are, a light often comes on–and I realize that some times their weaknesses are a fruit of something that has been lacking in our home and parenting in the past. This activity offers such HOPE for the year ahead–and it gives me PRAYER REQUESTS to daily submit to the Lord on my children’s behalf.

Dawn - December 24, 2009 - 7:24 pm

Love it!!!! Sounds great, and you are sooo right on 🙂