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Fingerprint Owl Fall Craft {Whoo Whoo Are You Thankful for?}

So this morning I was brave enough to take 5 kiddos to Hobby Lobby…5 kids 4 and under:). My older 2 were at camp–and I grabbed a friend’s younger two to join us for a little bit of what we call MOMMY CAMP! It’s for the kids not old enough to do day camps yet! Walking around Hobby Lobby I was trying to find something fun to put handprints on–and decided to go on the cheap and just buy plain wooden squares that could be painted.

You can get these at Hobby Lobby. They are just 6 3/4″ wooden square plagues. We already had cheap sponge paintbrushes, orange/white/brown paint, and a black paint pen.

1. We painted the squares ORANGE. ALL the kids did this step by themselves! I mean–you can’t mess this up! Just let them go nuts!

2. Then–take a sponge round brush (or a normal one and just spin it to make a circle) and dip in WHITE to make dots. I let the oldest which were 4 years old do this step themselves too. We did this BEFORE the orange was dry so it had a fun swirl look to the dots. (AND I wanted to be done before lunch time:).

ALLOW TO DRY. We sped things up by using my hair dryer:)

3. Paint owl body in center with BROWN paint using a small paintbrush. Just paint a BIG, fat “U” and connect the top of the U with a small smiley face:) [Again, my 4 year old did this with my explaining it that way.] OR you can paint the U and connect for your child and let them fill him in with brown.

4. Paint 4 fingers on each hand and press on each side of the owl for his wings.

ALLOW TO DRY. Again…we used the hair dryer. Kids love this step!

5. Using paintbrush, paint TWO big white circles for the eyes,  little upside down triangle for the nose and add some little feet!

6. Then we finished it up using a black paint pen. Dots for the eyes and writing “Whoo…Whoo…Am I Thankful For?” And then their NAME at the bottom! So easy! So fun!

(Sorry I didn’t snap more pictures of the process! I just had my phone and my hands were full! Hope this makes sense! It’s nap time now…so I wanted to share before our day gets crazy again:)

Whoo…Whoo…Am I thankful for??? These precious children that I get to love! So thankful!