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Family portraits & my hot date…

One thing I really try to make an effort to do every year are family portraits. I feel like they are such a tangible investment that I can look at to remember all that God has done and is doing in our little family’s progress. While these last few months have been a bit challenging in different ways–they have offered opportunity for Richard and I to reconnect in new ways and commit to be in this together–being on the same page and keeping our commitment to one another and to the Lord at the forefront of our vow to one another. When we went to the beach, just a week before–I decided I wanted to find someone to capture our family…but more than anything to capture Richard and I–the core of our family team…and Natalie ( was a sport to put up with our crazy family! Here is a little slideshow I put together from what she captured…

Last but not least–one of our sweetest babysitters got married last night! Rico Suave is out of town–so I got a sitter to come and was planning on leaving the babes and taking the older two with me. ONLY…at the last minute the older two wanted to stay and play freeze tag with Miss Emily and ITY–while Frankie baby out of no where insisted on being my date…which led to a frantic of getting him dressed REALLY fast…and he PROMISED he would be the best date ever if I’d let him go:) And he was! Here is me with my hot date one our way out…

It was THE most amazing, sweet ceremony ever taking place at her family’s home…the family farm–even the horses were peaking out of the stalls during the ceremony. We had the honor or watching Zach’s courtship to Ali. He sought her with persistence and godliness. And in the middle of the ceremony, he washed her feet as Christ did at the last supper for His disciples showing His humility and sacrificial love for them. Later we danced the night away, and I watched them dance…with her glowing laughter…hoping that this would be the story of my little girl one day–and that my boys would also pursue a lady in waiting of a man with such character. I want to raise my boys to love a wife as Christ loves the church and to honor her and uplift her–pressing her closer to Jesus each and every day. While some might dream for their boys to be successful in business, officers in their fraternities, considered cool in their crowds—I hope only that they will know Christ, follow Him and love through a reflection of His love for them. And for Laney…I hope for this day for her…that it will be the beginning of an amazing journey of God’s mission of furthering His kingdom with another. So much to hope and look forward to!

Some highlights with my little date…

He was BRAVE enough to ask the cake server if he could have a chocolate covered strawberry from the cake! YUM!

He asked to go potty JUST after the grandmothers were seated during the ceremony! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? So…we had to scoot out for a potty break when you normally do NOT want to make a scene. Nothing like a date that makes a lasting impression to all;) Ohhh…but if YOU could’ve heard the way he says, “Sorry mommyyyy”…you’d quickly forgive ’em too–this one…he melts me—to pieces…

I told him during the reception that I had NEVER had a date I had to take to the potty SO MANY TIMES. Seriously–on our 4th tripto the potty during the reception I told him, “Frank. You can’t have any more lemonade. SERIOUSLY. I’ve never had a date go potty so much!” He looked at me in the port-a-potty and said, “Okay mommy. When we get back–I’m just going to relax…kay???” Okay…he is precious. He can go potty as much as he wants.

He was SUCH fun to dance with–and he even stayed out until TEN O’CLOCK with me and didn’t bat an eye! Such fun! As we were walking back to the shuttle he said, “Mommy, when we get home–can you put on YOUR wedding dress and I’ll watch YOU dance. And chew some bubble gum.” Oh my precious. Seriously–I’m so in love with this kid!

Hope you all are having fabulous weekend!



Amanda @ Dixie Delights - June 10, 2012 - 9:24 pm

Andrea, He’s a complete doll. It sounds like an amazing night all around. I treasure one on one time with my boys too. xo

Allie Major - June 10, 2012 - 10:48 pm

“Can you try on your wedding dress….and I will chew some bubble gum.” Oh my heavens, he is adorable!