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Family album…

I’ll be a little MIA this weekend. I’m busy working on a family album to give Isaac’s birth mother when she comes to the court appointment. His mother has a beautiful, but very sad story–and truly she was unable to care for him now and in the future. My heart is to create an album that will give her heart peace…that, indeed, the Lord answered her prayer—and has carefully placed her youngest in the arms of another sister in Christ.

Making this album is both sweet and hard for me. It will have 30 pages when completed…and each I want to have the fingerprint of God on in some way. Her native language doesn’t have internet translation–and based on her story, I don’t think she can read either. I know Almaz will help translate my letter and the pages of this book for her where this is text—but since Amharic is one of the main language in Ethiopia…and I’m praying big things for her other children—I hope that one day one of them can read Amharic and be blessed with the scripture that graces the album’s pages.

If nothing else…I’ll be trusting that visitors who come by will be able to read it to her…and that she will take joy and pride in these pages created just for her. Only the Lord can give her peace and joy, but I hope these pages sprinkle some in her heart as well. Here is a sneak peak into just a few pages (more to come)…

I really wish I already had Isaac’s room ready—but there is no way I’d have it finished in time for the completion of this album. So, I’m hoping she will imagine it’s sweetness based on the kid’s rooms. Knowing Africa though, just one of our rooms is bigger their than entire home–so I know even this will surprise her. I hope she will be delighted to see the home he will be raised in…and to trust that he will be given the best care. We both love the same little boy…and I will forever love his mommy for doing the best she knew how and waiting until she had no other option but me. But…Isaac was my first choice. And I would stand in line for him until I was old and grey now that I have him in my heart. Truly…Momma E…I will love him forever.

Gini - April 17, 2010 - 11:49 pm

What beautiful pages! 🙂

missy - April 18, 2010 - 12:12 am

“We both love the same little boy…and I will forever love his mommy for doing the best she knew how and waiting until she had no other option but me. But…Isaac was my first choice”…that couldn’t be a more beautiful and heartfelt sentiment. the pictures are lovely.

Kim - April 18, 2010 - 5:24 am

The pages are beautiful indeed, but your words that explain your heart’s desire are even more powerful. I am particularly touched by your gratitude and adoration for Isaac’s courageous birth mother and your definition of a forever family who advocates for each other forever more. Your picture of earthly parenting perfectly imitates how our Heavenly Father parents us.
Simply beautiful!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Jenny - April 18, 2010 - 8:21 am

Love the pics, Andrea. So beautiful and I’m sure his birthmom will think so too. We think often of our son’s birthmom in Guat (and now our future child’s in ET) and wish so much we could share the joy with her that he is in our family. I am so thankful you will be able to give her this amazing gift..and such a beautiful story to share with Isaac as he gets older! Love your heart!