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Did you know???

…that you can get anti-malaria meds in Africa for $5?

…that malaria mosquitos bite at night?

…that insecticide treated malaria nets are more effective long term than anti-malaria meds?

…that treated malaria nets are just $10?

…that you could actually provide anti-malaria meds AND a mosquito net for less than a run through Chick-fil-a?

…that when the nets are used properly, that the mosquito population drops by as much as 90%?

…that less than 5% of children in sub-Saharan African sleep under a net?

…that if malaria isn’t treated it becomes life-threatening and distroys vital organs?

…that 1 million people die every year from malaria…mostly children under 5?

…that nearly 90% of these deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa?

…that thousands of children are orphaned because of malaria as well?

Please pray for healing of those who are now fighting malaria. Pray the Lord will raise up people to help fight with them. Pray for those orphaned due to malaria…and for those children who are fighting it defenseless. Defend the widow and orphan? Isn’t that the way the gospel words it? Here’s another way to do that.

natali - May 15, 2010 - 12:58 am

praying for the healing of those with malaria and for people to rise up and fight with them. praying for those sweet little innocent babes orphaned by it, and for those same little babes who have to fight it alone.