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Day 9: Panda Reserve {+ Splash Time and Dinner with Friends}

Our day started BRIGHT and early as we wanted to get to the panda reserve early. When it gets hot the pandas go in so it’s harder to see them. We left around 7:30…meaning we had to actually wake the kids up–hard for this momma to do! We got there just after 8am and stayed until just before lunch time. Parker and Loo LOVED seeing all the pandas. Zeke on the other hand–he had a hard time following the “Please be quiet” signs:) He is Mr. Mayor and likes to talk to everyone we pass–and he had a thing or two to tell the pandas too.

We got to see the pandas up close. My favorites are the red pandas–that look like a mix between a panda and a fox. We got to get pretty close to the cubs while the bigger red pandas were above in the trees.

It was our first outing together…and there were definitely some sweet connections made even being out and about…

And while mommy is rarely IN pictures because I’m always behind the camera–I’m thankful Rico Suave grabbed the camera a time or two to grab some sweet mother-son pictures today…

If you have never seen a red panda…here are a couple for you–

Zeke’s favorite thing though today–was either the greenery (he loves picking grass and leaves!) or the Koi!

SO THANKFUL for these 2 troopers!! They have been AMAZING–and have rolled with the punches the entire trip. So thankful for them! They have also made the transition so much smoother for our little man and put him first…before themselves on every occasion.

THEN–we came back for lunch. And this week is our friends kids LAST week of school here in China so their kids only had to go to school a half day today and tomorrow. We met them all at the pool just after lunch and they all swam until 4:30pm. Here’s a game for ya…WHERE’S PARKER??? (Can you find him in this picture?)

Our friends have the sweetest community here–and it’s been so fun to be a part of it this week! We sure are going to miss them!!

AFTER that…we came back and changed the kids–and went to our friends Kadie and Matt’s for dinner. My camera ran out of battery there though–and I realized I left my camera battery AT HOME IN GEORGIA…so unless I find a battery charger–the rest of my pictures from this point on will have to be with my phone! BUMMER huh?? But it’s really all good. Phones take pretty good pictures these days:)

Alright–so momma is off to CRASHHH! This is our last night in our son’s provence and being with all our dear friends who live here:(. So sad to leave!!! We fly out tomorrow night at 7pm–so we are going to just make the most of tomorrow–and then head on over to Guangzhou for the big consulate and medical appointments ahead. Our medical appt is on Saturday morning and our consulate appointment is on Monday morning. THEN we will head to Hong Kong on Tuesday night to fly out early Wednesday morning to begin our journey HOME! Just 5 more days until we sweet our other boys and are all together as a family!! Can’t wait!

Blessings from China!



Candy Feathers - June 6, 2013 - 1:44 pm

I look forward to your posts everyday. I feel like I am there with you going through this adoption experience and it is so very, very precious. Reminds this widow of just how much our Heavenly Father loves me and wants me.

Gretchen - June 6, 2013 - 2:43 pm

It looks like things are going so well and that the transition is so smooth so far. Also looks like you are having a lovely time. Thanks for keeping all of us posted on all of God’s blessings for your family.

erika - June 6, 2013 - 7:19 pm

those mother/son pictures made me weepy! so beautiful!!!! thank you for blogging while you’re in china – it has been such a gift to follow your journey. ((((hugs))))