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Day 8: Our day to just chill {much needed}

So today started with a little Skype fun with two of my loves on the other side of the world…

I miss these two:(. Only 7 more sleeps until we arrive home and we are finally ALL TOGETHER. Honestly, I could stay here or any where for that matter if all my chicks are with us under the same roof. I’m homesick without the other two with us though. They have spent the last 8 days with my mom and dad–and they made the transfer today to my sister’s. We got to Skype them just before they left which was last night for them–this morning for us. MISS THEM! I know they will have so much fun with my sister and their 3 cousins–but oh my…how I miss them!

Rico Suave took one for the team–and since the Civil Affairs only needed ONE of us to come to the office today–Rico Suave went down. I stayed here with the other 3 and we even added one–had a little friend over to play with Loo-bear. Rico got home around noon–and then he headed out on a little adventure with Parker and Laney on the streets while I stayed here with Zeke for nap time.

Here are a few pictures from our morning before we got going for the day…

Zeke woke up around 3:30pm–so we headed off for our own little street adventure:). What could have been a 10 minute sidewalk journey was 25 minutes because he likes to stop and tell EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. we pass–“Ni hao”…followed by “bye-bye” (with lots of waving) and then he seals it by blowing a kiss. I think he might get more attention on the streets here than my blond headed children do even! He is a HAM to say the least.

THEN we went over to another friend’s house for dinner–the Todd family…and had some great fellowship with their sweet family!

Now–this momma is off to crash. Gotta rest up as we are up and at ’em bright and early! We are heading to the Panda Preserve tomorrow–and then heading back after lunch to play with friends!

Blessings and Much Love from the East!


Maureen - June 5, 2013 - 12:57 pm

We are so excited for you! Your little man Zeke is quite the charmer! Lucky you! Lucky him!

I know how you feel without your other two with you. A Momma just can’t have peace in her heart if all of her kiddos aren’t with her and safe. But you will have a lifetime to be together, and I know your little ones are safe and sound. You are such an amazing family! Praying for you all to keep healthy and have an awesome time while you are there!

The Werners in Kansas