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Created for Care Breakouts!!!

Registration is Sept.1st! This list still needs to be tweaked some–but wanted to let y’all know what the breakouts KINDA are gonna look like! Here goes:

Friday, 01/27/2012 Breakout Session 1 4:30 – 5:30pm
Pick one of the breakouts to attend following registration & Check-In on Friday…

1. Blogger Panel sharing “Using Your Blog For Outreach and Ministry”. Of course get the “extra scoop” from Lovelyn (Moments with Love), Missy (It’s Almost Naptime), Kristi (We love our Lucy), Lara (The Farmers Wife Tells All), and the mommas of 147 Million Orphans with Shelly Owens of 60Feet as the MC (If I can slow down and catch my breath, I’ll be joining in on this one! Would LOVE to meet all y’all! This is sure to be a fun time!)

2. African American Haircare with African American Hair Stylist Nisia Murray and her lovely Regan assisting

3. Photography 101 with professional photographers Shannon Holden and Tammy Dugger

4. Creative Quiet Time – For the busy mom who struggles to make quiet time with the Lord in her day, come be inspired on how to creatively have time with Him and grow in your walk with the Lord

5. FUNdraising Your Adoption – Come here how Promise686 supports local adoptions through grants and how your church can potentially do this too. Also hear from ministries who are here to simply assist families with ways to fundraise, and find out how to get going with creative fundraising.

Saturday, 1/28/2012 Breakout Session 2 2:00 – 3:30pm

1. News about HIV & Orphans and Realistic Expectations in Adoption

2. Orphans in the U.S. – Domestic Adoption , Open Adoption, Foster Care & Foster-to-Adopt

3. Yes, you CAN do this! Encouraging and Equipping Moms for Post-Adoption Success

4. Adoption from the Inside Out – Empowered to Connect

5. The Joys and Challenges of Parenting a Child with Special Needs

6. Nurturing Your Marriage through the competing demands of mothering, growing and helping your children grow and experience healing.

Saturday, 1/28/2012 Breakout Session 3 3:45 – 5:15pm

1. Attachment – The first days and years – Empowered to Connect

2. Helping Your Child Know and Experience God

3. Becoming an Orphan Advocate Right Where You Are

4. “I Drive a Bus” – 3 of our favorite bus-driving adoption mommas share how they they thrive as they grow…from balancing family time, growing their kids in their faith, creative date nights to laundry.

5. Parenting In Grace – Does understanding the difference between law and grace cause us to parent differently? A look how we can love our precious
children according to the gospel, bringing forth LIFE in every area of their lives.

6. Practical Advice for Parents in Wisdom and Revelation – An interview with Shelly Owens and Susan Hillis on practical parenting your biological and adopted children

NOT to mention…the AWESOME main sessions…the adoption mom interview panel on Saturday night…rock your face off–bring you to your knees–amazing Date with God session…”meet and greet dinner time” where you can sign up to have dinner with breakout sessions speakers and not only connect but ask more questions that relate to your family. And of course movie night! And chocolate and coffee chat…AND connecting with hundreds of other mommas RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! And the list goes on! I can’t WAIT to see so many of you at the next Created for Care Retreat!

I looove that it’s the last weekend in January after those post-holiday blues…a time when kids are in fewer activities and sports…and a perfect get away before the busyness of Spring fun begins!

Spread the word folks and mark your calendars! It’s going to be another retreat to remember!!!

P.S. And NO…you do NOT have to already be an adoption momma to come! If you have a heart for adoption…then Bring. It. On! If you have a sister or good friend who has adopted or is adopting and you want to come or even come with her…this is an AWESOME opportunity to learn how to love and minister to the little one that will soon join her family! What an awesome way to stand beside a loved one or friend to know how to support her as they grow through adoption! OR maybe you have a heart for adoption BUT “now” is not the right timing. This retreat is ALSO for you…and the parenting breakouts will apply to not only your adopted kiddos but your biological kiddos to!

P.S.S. Y’all have a great weekend! Off to final prep for a pirate party! Walkin’ the plank with my 7 year old matey tomorrow!

Britt - August 26, 2011 - 8:42 pm

So excited!!!! Looking forward to this!!!!

Emily - August 27, 2011 - 4:37 pm

So excited! What a blessing.

Ali - August 28, 2011 - 12:13 am

Where is this retreat taking place? How do I register?

Andrea - August 28, 2011 - 8:28 am

You can see retreat details at