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Calling all prayer warriors…

I have a million and one things I’d like to share–but nothing is more important to this momma’s heart tonight than asking anyone who happens to read this to please join me in prayer for a special little girl named Bailey…

I think about the hundreds of back-to-school pictures I have seen on Facebook the last few weeks…so fun–so much excitement…so much joy in all those faces for what is ahead. My friend Tiffany’s daughter also got to go back after having a life altering surgery to her leg while battling osteosarcoma and missing most of school during the spring. The tumor (praise Jesus!) was removed, but Bailey still has to continue to go through several rounds of chemo (6 are left)–and this week has been especially hard for her. While she got to back to school for a handful of days the first week of school, the rest of August was spent in the hospital beginning another round of chemo–and now she is home…and not feeling well–at all.

Will you prayerfully consider adding Bailey and her family to your prayer list—and if you are able to pray for her and her family daily (I promise I’ll tell you to stop when they are done with chemo and completely in the clear! But until then–will you add this precious child to your prayer list?)

Here’s her sweet back-to-school picture–something for you to tuck in your Bible or in your mind so you have a name with a face as you pray big for Bailey!

I just adore this family–and they have such a big heart for kids–and for adoption. They were also in the process of adopting again from China, and they also have a son from Ethiopia–along with three more kiddos. A full house–so you can imagine how much is on this mom’s plate as she balances one going through chemo and 3 other littles.

Will you pray that Bailey will have added strength as she goes through chemo, that there will be ZERO cancer in her body FOREVER and that the Lord would supernaturally carry her through the rest of her treatments. Pray that joy would fill this sweet girl’s heart and that He would be near to her daily…and that she would feel His presence. Pray for healthy cells to be multiplied and that she would be strengthened so she will be ready for a prosthetic and this active little girl will be back into sports…the thing she just loves. Pray big with me that she would amaze the doctors with the speed of her progress and healing–and that she will be stronger and stronger every day.

Will you also pray specifically for her siblings and parents? Pray they will be strengthened and that the Lord will give the children understanding, peace, added joy and wisdom…that they would be confident in their places and where they are in this season. Pray for special friends to pour into each of them and for the Lord to keep their hearts close to His. Pray for Tiffany and Patrick to remain strong and connected even when they are having to go in different directions to care for the many different needs of their children. Pray for blessing upon Patrick’s work and multiplied sleep and rest for them both. Pray that the Lord would carry them through this time–and pour Himself into their hearts until His presence is oozing and overflowing. Pray for laughter and joy–and sweet time as a family. Pray for His protection over all of their health and added strength each and ever day.

PLEASE ALSO PRAY THAT SHE CAN RETURN TO SCHOOL QUICKLY AND OFTEN. This sweet girl misses this!!! (If you would like to send Bailey a word of encouragement, note, card or something to let her know you are praying for her–just message me and I can send anything her way!)

Thank you for joining me in praying. This family has been such a blessing to ours–and such an encouragement in how they have clung to Him through this fight for this most precious daughter of the King. He has already done wonders and miracles for this precious child–and how I long for Him to do more so she can run and be herself again!!!

From one momma’s heart to another…thank you for praying.


P.S. Guess who’s GOTCHA DAY is on Monday night??? The 10 day wait period after court will be complete and Tetiana will be in Andra and Travis’s arms on Monday night (Monday afternoon for us on this side of the world). So get ready for the sweetest countdown EVER! Then–they will have a handful of days to do the embassy, passports, etc–and then it will be a ONE WAY TICKET HOME!!! Praise God–the God of miracles!

missy @ it's almost naptime - September 5, 2012 - 11:47 pm

Just prayed for precious Bailey.

Rhonda Braswell - September 6, 2012 - 10:57 am

Adding Bailey AND her family to my daily prayers!!! Also continuing prayers for your family and Tetiana. Thank you for keeping us updated on these needs because prayers to OUR Father do work and he does hear us.

God Bless,


MArci - September 7, 2012 - 10:37 pm

Prayers up on our Prayer Angels for Bailey ! Would love to send her a set of Prayer Angels for the family. Can I send to you?

ERIKA - September 8, 2012 - 7:55 pm

Praying for you Bailey, your a strong mighty warrior. You go girl.. In Jesus precious name!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt 18:19