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An Easter Wreath

Tomorrow is MARCH…and for us…we are in the midst of our Lent journey—so it’s time to pull out the Easter decorations:)

I made this wreath by spray painting an inexpensive wreath from Michael’s robin egg blue. I hot glued yarn on cheap plastic eggs as I wrapped the yarn around them in different ways–and then I used scrap fabric glued with Modge Podge on thick card stock to make a little banner (found the a bag of glitter letters for just 99 cents at Hobby Lobby).

Isn’t the carrot cute???

You can buy a foam cone at Hobby Lobby for $4 OR you can be really cheap like me and buy a 50 cent sheet of foam instead and just hot glue it in the shape of a cone, stuff a grocery bag in in–and then hot glue green yarn all the way around the edge. Tie it off with something fun to cover up the grocery bag center and then wrap it with orange yarn.

The eggs…

I found the EASIEST thing to do was to hot glue the plastic egg shut FIRST. Then hot glue bit by bit each time you wrap (actually easier than just wrapping it like a ball of yarn like I did for some of them).

We have our EASTER TREE going…and truly THAT is the decoration full of meaning and goodness that I love the most! Nothing sweeter than gathering as a family each night to read scripture together and watching the kids with excitement in putting the NEXT ornament on.

Blessings to you this Lent season!