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Ahhhh…the life of movie stars;)

Well, we were down for a day of shooting tomorrow in the movie “Life as We Know It”…but one of the kids in the birthday party scene apparently is sick and unable to come. We’ve already filmed the birthday scene from one angel–now we are going back for the same scene from a different angel. And what do you do if one person from the previously filmed scene can’t be there to stand in the same exact spot at the party as the last shoot?! Yep, reschedule!

So…our next shoot day is now this Wednesday. Good thing we have Wednesday free! But sadly we aren’t informed on beginning shoot time until 2am the day before shooting…thankfully they let us know earlier today that we’d shoot Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Ahhhh…the life of movie stars;)

Just when I thought I had gotten my movie fix out of my system, I start thinking about hearing the director shout, “BACKGROUND! QUITE! ROLLING!”…there is definitely an air on a movie set that is exciting and fun—just hope my three cooperate this time since Rico Suave (aka Daddy) won’t be there to help us this time! To be continued:)

Melissa DeBardeleben - November 10, 2009 - 7:39 am

Have fun tomorrow! I like your new look for your blog! Very Cute! I dreamed about African Children last night! I don't remember what it was about, but it makes me more excited! Thanks for all your encouragement!