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Adopting 2 Sweet Peas…

Exciting news for a family just behind us on the waitlist. On Monday, our agency emailed all of the families on the waitlist and shared a need of 2 beautiful boys that just came into the orphanage. The boys are almost 2 and 4…and lemme tell ya…they are PRECIOUS! I can’t share their picture, but you can visit their blog in a few months and see their picture with A FAMILY that is stepping out in faith to adopt them when they bring them home in just a few short months!!! I’m selfishly bummed that we won’t get to travel with them now…but I’m OVER THE MOON excited that they will be traveling VERY SOON to bring how their 2 beautiful boys!!!

Because their referral happened months before they expected–AND instead of adopting one, they are adopting TWO brothers–we’re all praying for a Christmas miracle—for $10,000 to be raised in 10 days! They are already well on their way as in just 2 days they have approximately $2800 raised. I’m writing this post to give my readers the opportunity to BE A PART of a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!How amazing would it be for this family to get to have a court date soon and bring home these boys in the beginning of 2010! To know before Christmas that THESE TWO BROTHERS are officially THEIR SONS and for these boys to know they now HAVE A FOREVER FAMILY! How amazing would it be to cut back on Christmas spending just a bit–and instead to pour into this life changing moment for this family?!


To read more about this sweet family…and these two sweat peas–visit their blog at

Every little bit helps—lets surround this sweet family with prayer…and please share this need with others! For many of us, we aren’t all called to open up our homes. But we can ALL be a part of changing orphans to SONS…making a life-changing difference and watching a miracle in our own hearts when we make the choice to be used in someone else’s miracle! Join me in praying for this family…and come back to my blog in 8 short days to see how God provided!

Kimberly - December 3, 2009 - 1:06 pm

Goosebumps….. I just love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings abound everywhere I look and you are one of those blessings for me. THANKYOU!!! This is just $1000 per day. This is easy and absolutely can be done!

crispy - December 6, 2009 - 8:59 am

Thank You !!!!!!!! What a blessing to have you advocate for us. We are watching God work a miracle this week.