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A Thanksgiving Recount:)

Finally had a chance to upload some Thanksgiving memories from last week to share…every other year we do Thanksgiving with my family–and vice versa with Richard’s. This year was my family–and my sister, April, hosted at her casa. So thankful both of us Alabama girls planted ourselves in the Atlanta area! Sad that my little sister Katie couldn’t be with us!!!

Meet my momma and my sister (she’s just 14 months older than me…yes, she’s 22;)…

4154241371_cfa6329f78 copy

Here’s the adult table…love Ellie’s art as the centerpiece:)
4155001848_148b29d900 copy

The kid table BEFORE kids…

4155001560_981ec109c8 copy
The kid table WITH kids…and Frank not wanting to be a part of it…
4154241585_23b7b4495a copy
Frank didn’t make it at the kid table. We took turns holding him so we could actually eat. He doesn’t like being buckled in his seat either. Trust me, it’s more pleasant to hold him than to hear how he feels about being buckled over Thanksgiving dinner.

He also suffers from OVERattachment disorder. This is how he currently feels about me taking pictures (aka putting him down to take A picture)
4154241153_c870328587 copy
I’m thinking maybe it’s a good thing we’re on a waiting list…that requires a WAIT…that gives Frank time to get out of his overattachment disorder. Agree?

And guess what special dessert we get to always have after Thanksgiving???

4155002046_79219aa777 copy
My niece,  AK, has a Thanksgiving birthday!!! Happy 2 years sweet baby girl! What a treat for the kids-Thanksgiving and then a birthday party!

4154241711_45b1e37eec copy
And then of course–when the party is all over–there’s CLEAN UP. But who says clean up can’t be fun? If you do it Papa’s way…it’s of course fun!
4155003020_c1e357b475 copy

And speaking of fun…shouldn’t AGCI be calling with a new number soon? It’s Thursday already and we are supposed to hear a new number some time “later in the week”. Wednesday is mid-week…I think Thursday is officially “later”:). Stay tuned…hope to have some good news “later in the week”:)

Beautiful Mess - December 3, 2009 - 7:50 am

Looks like a lovely, thankful, day!

JonesEthiopia - December 3, 2009 - 9:13 am

Can't wait to see your movement this month!

I'm glad my comment was helpful. It is just one of those things that looking back, it'll all make sense.

Kimberly - December 3, 2009 - 10:43 am

I want a Papa like that!!!