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A family for Sebastian…

Please go here to read more about this pretty awesome kid about to age out…in just 6 days:

From Rainbow Kids:


Boy, born April 26 1997

Speech issues

Sebastian will turn 16 THIS MONTH (April 2013). A family must have paperwork filed for him with USCIS PRIOR to his birthday — so, it must be filed on 4/25/2013.

We’ve been told Sebastian is available for adoption, but his paperwork will not be cleared in country until fall 2013. However, the process *MUST* be started with USCIS (US Immigration) prior to his 16th birthday, for an American family to adopt him.
Sebastian so badly longs for a family and to belong. He is shy, and has a very calm demeanor, slow to think and respond and soft spoken. He is not the ”in your face” kind of young man. He has ran away from the school on several occasions because he is sad living at the school and just does not fit in. With him being shy he is often picked on and accused of things he does not do and becomes a target because he does not fight back. Anything he was asked to do or help with the mission team he did not hesitate to help. When activities came up and he was asked to participate he had no problem engaging and playing. He has a slight stutter that comes out at times but nothing that will enable him or his future to achieve any goals. He is a precious young man. He says at times he has a hard time remembering things . He stated that he believes in God.

He loves to read the encyclopedia and to learn. He loves animals and like to look them up and read about them. He loves all animals and would love to be in a family with any kind of animal. He loves mashed potatoes and chicken and he does not care much for fish soup! He enjoys sports like Futbul (soccer), basketball, running and swimming. He enjoys drawing cars.

Although Sebastian is shy he can be funny and talkative at times. If he had a choice to be in a calm and quiet place, alone or with friends he would rather be with friends and not alone. He would prefer to be one to follow a good leader verse being the one to lead others. If he had some free time he would love to wind down by reading a book. He wants to build houses and that is the one trade he would love to learn. If he had three wishes he said to come to have a family in America, live in America and live near his other friend named Sasha or be able to talk to him. If he could be like anyone in the world he said he likes himself the way God made him. If he could visit anywhere in the world it would be America. He said he has visited a camp in Greece and he liked it there. When he went he thought he was going to be adopted and it did not happen it was just a camp so he was heart broken. He would love to visit an athletic gym in America and look at houses (architecture). He loves to look at church buildings and study how they are built and what they look like and enjoyed seeing them in Greece. He said he does not smoke or drink like many in his school and his favorite color is yellow. His favorite school subjects are Math, drawing and PE and his least favorite is Chemistry. He states he is an average student. When asked if he could visit a family in America would he like to be the oldest or youngest he said he did not care he just wanted to be part of a family. This young man is running out of time and it was so clear he just wants a family. He wrote a letter to a member of the team, asking for her help to find a family and thanking her for being willing to find him one.

You can visit Rainbow kids and see pictures posted of Sebastian HERE.