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A Clean Craft;) – Peppermint Soap by Parker and Laney {& Numbers 30, 31}

Want a quick and SUPER EASY craft to do with your precious ones?! I tossed just 3 things in my cart at a recent run to…yes–you guessed it–Hobby Lobby for this craft! You know I can’t stay away;). We did this AFTER dinner and before our Lent Tree Devotional—and the KIDS actually did this!!! (Yes, we know some times moms end up with their hands on most of the crafts…but not with this one!) Here’s what our final creations looked like…IMG_1788
YEP…P and L made these ALL by themselves! My college roomie from my Auburn days was even here to watch and vouch for me on that one;). FUN, huh!? And they were SO proud of their finished projects. I think we ended up with about 12 bars of soap to share with family and friends:).

And I love the practical application! What can wash me white as snow??? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. The cross. It was funny because I was telling Parker that the cross washes away your sin just like these crosses are as white as snow. Parker looked at me and said, “Yes, but the soap gets you clean on the outside mommy and God is the one who cleans your heart.” You are right Parker. So right:). Love that kid.

To do this at home—first you’ll need a Hobby Lobby;). THEN…you’ll need to pick up these while you are there…



3.IMG_1766(I personally LOVE peppermint–but you can get the aroma of your choice;).

You will need to melt the soap–you can do this in a double boiler (like I did the wax for the egg candles) ORRRRR…you can be quick and put half of the bag in a microwaveable bowl. You will want to do just half because this sets quickly and about half will fill the first mold. I tested it in my microwave—and it worked beautifully heating for 4 minutes.

You’ll want to let it cool just a bit before pouring into mold. While its cooling a bit, add the scent of your choice. The bottle says to just add a few drops–but I *REALL* like peppermint so I let Laney add half the bottle;). I’m happy I did, too, because after it sets I really think it’s the perfect scent strength.

We then used a plastic tablespoon measuring cup to carefully pour into mold. This was so easy for the kids—and they had fun taking turns on each mold


We had some extra soap left in one batch–so we took wax paper and used fun cookie cutters to fill—now we have all kinds of soap shapes that will be fun to use or gift away…IMG_1794

And another final product…IMG_1790

Really…the options are limitless with this…and ONE THING IS FOR SURE…this may be the ONLY craft I give ya that you actually don’t get dirty making;)

{One Year Bible Study: Numbers 30 and 31}

Chapter 30…love these truths that bleed through about the importance of vows. What has happened in our day to “my word is my bond”? In the early 1900’s, the London Stock Exchange made bargains by their word rather than documents, signatures, notary stamps and prenups. Our word is void in today’s culture. Yet, Jesus said it best in Matthew 5: …let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. If I say I’m going to do it, I need to do it. To make a promise to ANYONE is to obligate yourself to the Lord. God keeps His promises—and if we are to be in His image…then we should to.

Help us Lord to keep our promises—to be men and women who keep our word. Help us to be honor you and be witnesses as we keep our word no matter what.

Let us not give up on the reading of His word!!! So many exciting things ahead!! And so excited to do scripture reading with you!!!



P.S. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…to everyone who has written about Wiphan on their blog so far!!! You all AMAZE me! Thank you!!! I must apologize if our Wiphan server was done for a bit tonight! Looks like we need to increase some bandwidth b/c you guys have it rockin’ cyberspace OUT! (Literally!). I have SO THRILLED to report we ALREADY have 5 more kids sponsored!!! We’re getting there. I am so thankful and excited to find out who these new sponsorship mommies and daddies are (congratulations Renae on your newest member of your family! He is precious!) And welcome to all of you to the Wiphan family who have joined us!!! I’m sooooo excited to partner with you serving the widows and orphans in Zambia!!!!!! As you will see many of our sponsorship kids still have a living parent. What a JOY to think you are helping families remain together when possible and helping these families send their children to school, receive a Christian education and a meal a day! THANK YOU FOR THE MONTHLY SACRFICE YOU ARE MAKING TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ANOTHER ONE OF HIS! We still have children who need sponsors…so check out the Wiphan site NOW…it’s finally stablized after all that traffic;)

And still up for the running for top referrals to our Wiphan site are…,, annnnnddd….FACEBOOK! ( facebook can’t win a prize…but just wanted to say to all of your posting about Wiphan on facebook…THANK YOU!

Kim - March 10, 2010 - 6:19 am

That’s my kind of craft. Wonder if there is a Hobby Lobby in Hong Kong?

Renea - March 10, 2010 - 9:12 am

I eyeballed the soap crafts last time I was there, but never bought it thinking it too much of a pain. But after seeing your easy ‘how-to’ I think I’ll pick me up some Easter crafts! 😉 My son would love doing this too. I make a trip to the big city tomorrow so I’ll have to make a point to hit the Hobby! Since it’s a 4-hour round trip we don’t get out often! LOL And I’m lovin’ my new boy! His face is just beautiful. I’ve told lots of friends and family that our family is growing!

Shannon - March 10, 2010 - 12:11 pm

yay for 5 more kids sponsered!! I did a marathon reading yesterday and caught up….feels good and I’m so thankful for this reading. My womens’ bible study is doing Matthew and it’s so nice to be getting fresh perspective on the old testament to help with the historical/cultural stuff while reading the new. Congratulations on the new numbers too!

Dawn - March 10, 2010 - 2:52 pm

We love making soap- great gift, and pretty easy too. There are soo many molds scents 7 colors 🙂 LOVE your passion that you share through your blog! We love Hobby Lobby too!