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2 weeks home…


It marks 2 weeks home.

Wow. These last 2 weeks have flown by–and also they have stood still. The pictures I’ve shared (like slip-and-slide and such)…are true pictures of what our days with our little man have been like. I’ve read all the books…heard all the stories–and even experienced many of the stories in the past. We were expecting things to be difficult or hard or even to have to tip toe as we did 3 years ago the last time we do–but everything has been so…smooth.

Every transition and change is so different. So if you are in the middle of a very difficult transition–you can NOT compare. Although our new one is transitioning miraculously–it isn’t easy for all the children…and if there is one struggling…it can make all the dough in your cookies not stick together. And there you are on your knees…with God’s sweet grace of a beautiful transition for one…yet crying out for another who isn’t so sure of their new or lost place in the sibling line up. Transition–no matter how or where…always takes some figuring out for everyone.

God knew this. He knew how much this mom could handle. He has, indeed, already given me MORE than I can handle so I need and rely completely on Him.

My newest little bird may not always be easy. But right now–we are experiencing sweet grace…sweet joy and lots of laughter, snuggles and kisses from him…and he isn’t sharing those with anyone else but us right now showing that he really is connecting with us as momma and “baba”…and this–this isn’t what I expected…but it is so, so good.

This momma is so tired as I have a little kangaroo on my pouch going every where I go–and there are lots of heart to hearts with others through our growing and changing…and each day is smoother. In the middle of a serious conversation–I have a little baby kangaroo with his arm wrapped all the way around my neck–that twists and plays sweetly with my hair…and I don’t know any other way to say it–but I just feel God’s grace right now in many different things going on at once. When you have a new one home and 4 other children already settled in with places they must be at different times–“cocooning” and deeply connecting just staying at home is really hard. The Lord knew this…He knew what our little would need…what our other 4 would need…what momma could give…and we have just enough. I may be completely wiped out at the end of the day–but there is enough from Him each day…and that is all we need. In the midst of crazy–my little kangaroo is on my hip…playing with my hair–grabbing my cheeks for a kiss–or crazily diving in their fun and rolling with it. I’d be in big trouble if I looked into others lives and compared what they can or can’t do–but instead…I just have to look up to Him–and look back at my sweet children–and do the best I can as a mommy trusting in His provision. We have had plenty…and my heart overflows.

At night our sweet loves sleeps for a bit beside my side of the bed in a pack-and-play. I lay with him while he goes to sleep and then I put him down while he is still a bit awake and pat his back. Then he snoozes for several hours–and he either stays there until 8ish in the morning OR he pipes up and reaches for me in the middle of the night and he goes right back to sleep until 8ish beside me. The children all come in my room about that time and I whisper for them to be quiet, and they do a pretty good job letting him wake on his own and allowing mommy to stay by his side so he isn’t alone when he wakes. And from there…our day is pretty on the go and crazy. He is napping well each afternoon (usually from 1-3:30) and he is a GREAT eater! He will try anything and waves his hands back and forth to tell you no when he is done. He doesn’t speak any English yet–mama is his only English word…but that’s really a Chinese word too–but I count it as both so he does get credit for speaking 1 English word:).

We go back to the neurologist on Monday–and back to our pediatrician on Tuesday. He follows directions great in Chinese–and can go up and down the stairs sitting on his bottom. He loves to take showers…or baths…or slip-and-slide–and he loves the pool (anything water related!). He wanted to try to the zip line tonight because all the children were doing it–he just points and grunts…so we held him on tight and walked him down and he wanted to do that over and over–he is a brave little boy with an adventurous spirit! I love how he sucks his pointer finger to go to sleep at nap and night time–and I love how he raises his eyebrows and looks at me while I feel him his bottle. Just a few things I have to jot down and never want to forget:)

Please pray for another one of ours who is discovering a new roll in being a big brother:) One day at a time!!! Love all my little chicks so much…and just want to be a good mommy to each of them and make them feel so loved!

Off to crash…as you never know what the night holds:)