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Your love O LORD…reaches to the heavens…

I have to be honest and say Friday was a tougher day of our adoption journey for us. Now that Isaac is legally ours—my heart longs for him SO MUCH MORE than I ever knew…a deeper longing…one that I have only experienced once as a mommy (when we had to come home from the hospital without Parker…he had to spend some extra time in the NICU…and I felt I left a part of myself across the city—now, I feel like a part of myself is across the world). AND–I’m just so ready to have us all under the same roof. SO ready.

I love how the Lord already knew Friday would be hard for me when we found out “still no travel dates”. And–He loves us so much…that He had already orchestrated the perfect weekend for our family to meet with Him. My hubbies bestfriend, Jed, who I just adore—invited us down to his property for the weekend. Jed was the bestman in our wedding (he stood in for Richard’s dad who had gone to be with the Lord just a few months earlier), and Jed has an amazing heart for the Lord…and for bringing others together to bring Him glory. So the dates were set…we’d head down to Jed’s in Ellaville, Georgia and spend time in worship on the lake…good BBQ, fellowship and worship—a much needed combination for my heart.

We decided to just take the older two…and whattya know one of my bestfriends called me to let me know she was heading to Alabama—and could she’d be happy to take any of my kiddos with to see and spend the weekend with Nana and Papa. We shipped Frank off so we could have more of a focused weekend (he is FAST and curious these days—and we knew Nana and Papa would LOVE to have him all to themselves!)…and he was perfectly fine with that because he got to spend 3 hours in the car on the way to grandma’s with his girlfriend Georgia. Look at the picture they sent me of the two lovebirds on the ride down…

Seriously…melt my heart. (Sorry ladies—I think we have a pre-arranged marriage in the making here;)

After Frank left—and I dried my tears from his departure…we loaded up—and headed South.

As soon as we got there it started POURING down rain. POURING. And we all huddled together on the dock…and got some good visiting time dispite the weather…this pic is just before it really started raining…

Then—the rain stopped…and it was like the Lord just cooled the night down for us to have the most perfect night of fellowship and worship. With the fellowship came fishing…and Parker and Laney had so much fun fishing—although they didn’t catch big ones this time…

Laney’s facial expressions crack me up in these pictures. Parker was working hard to bring this one in–and Laney looks like she just isn’t biting it. She was not impressed;)

But it didn’t stop her from casting a line out and catching her first baby fish—and she was, indeed, proud of that one…

My friend Britney’s hubby did manage to catch a few bigger catfish—which completely gross me out…but the kids thought they were very cool!

It was fun to get to meet Britney in PERSON because we’ve emailed about adoption stuff…she is in a small group with some friends of ours…and we finally got to meet. AND they are ADOPTING!!! I’m so excited as this will be their FIRST baby as they are choosing adoption FIRST.I can’t WAIT to watch their journey unfold—and it was so fun to get to meet this precious couple! NOW…if they would just move closer to us;).

It was such a JOY to meet so many sweet people…and just a beautiful picture of what it means to be a part of the body of Christ. At one point, I sat down to rest and was talking to this beautiful new friend—and found out she is from ETHIOPIA…has a heart for MISSIONS…and her DREAM is to one day move back to Ethiopia. I shared our ministry with her and our DREAM to also one day have a ministry in Ethiopia. The funniest part of all was when she said she wished I lived closer and then we discovered—WE DO!!!! We live in the SAME town just FIVE MINUTES apart! I’m so excited because we are getting together again…and hopefully again and again to talk ministry and learn how to COOK and about CULTURE and CUSTOMS…and she is just the most precious sister in Christ! I love how the Lord took me hours away to meet someone who lives just down the street and connect in this sweet way!

Then…came the worship time…we pulled out our chairs and listened to the worship leaders sing—remembering the Lord…worshiping Him together…and realizing that although some times things don’t go exactly the way we would like them to–that He is the Lord of the heavens; He is the God of order; He is never late…our God is perfect and always on time. How sweet it was to sing under the sky together…

It was perfect.

It was much needed.

And I’m so thankful.

It was a reminder of His faithfulness.

Under the same sky I worship…is the same sky that our Isaac is rests in His perfect care.

Then off to our hotel we went…
If you ever go to South Georgia to Americus, I’d recommend a stay at the Windsor. It is an old hotel…a cozy little placed tucked into the historic part of town. We left early this morning to join Jed and friends at their small, country church. Never underestimate what the Lord wants to do in a small, country church. I will tell you—the presence of the Lord was in that place…and the worship…ahh—makes my heart MELT right now thinking about it. Such sweet time meeting with the Savior and remembering He is the God of details. (Thank you Strange family for hosting this PERFECT weekend for all of us! How I love your precious family, and can’t WAIT to bring Isaac down to be a part of life with you all. We just love doing life with you!)

Did you know that same number of waves wash into the sand per minute no matter if it’s a beautiful day or a storm? I love how constant our God is. No matter how we change or how we feel—He is ordering things to fall into place to fit into HIS WILL. No matter how hard it is…or how joyful—ultimately, it is for the good of us. His Word says—a promise…that His will for YOU is good, pleasing and perfect. Did you hear that?! I know you have heard it before. BUT…hear it again.


When I had my children by birth–it wasn’t easy. And it didn’t always feel good. But now, looking back–YES LORD…YOU WERE RIGHT! It was perfect!!! Your plan—it was perfect! Help us Lord to trust you even when it’s raining. When it started raining on Saturday…some could have packed up and left—some could have chosen not to show up. But, not only did the expected 40 or so come…but I almost twice that many. AND…it was SO good. What if they had tossed in their towel? What if they had chosen to stay where it was dry? What if they didn’t take a risk? THEN…they would have missed out on meeting with the Lord…worshipping Him with other believers and experiencing Him in a new way. TRUST HIM. Trust Him in the sun—and trust Him in the storm.

May your week ahead be one of new trust…new waiting…new hope…new joy—and ultimately…new worship.

natali - June 6, 2010 - 10:26 pm

what beautiful, beautiful words. He IS so faithful, and His plan is so perfect. i just want everyone in the world to feel this,to feel His love and to know He is exactly what we need. Nothing less, nothing more. He is perfect. And what He has for us as believers is perfect.

marci - June 6, 2010 - 11:02 pm

We were at the Windsor this weekend in Americus…That is my family homeland where Shockley is the 6th generation namesake…we were there because Shockley had a HOBY youth leadership conference at Georgia South Western University. Oh , I am so sad we did not run into your family !

Dawn - June 6, 2010 - 11:37 pm

Praying that this next week will be AMAZING!!!

Needed that reminder myself.

Was very excited to hear about your friend Christie- God is so faithful! PRAYING!

kim jewett - June 7, 2010 - 8:17 am

YAY!!! Shout out to Britney! How special is that! When she won our Adoption t-shirt giveaway (13 shirts!!!) I knew God had a plan in there somewhere He would unfold. What a special weekend and special connections.

Jennifer - June 7, 2010 - 8:28 am

Oh my goodness..I am laughing at how similar we are tracking right now. I had such a hard week in my wait and the Lord did the same thing to me (well…not Georgia-ha!)! Took me away where I could refocus on Him. Had an amazing time of worship and prayer. Built back up for waiting on His Perfect Timing!
Blessings to you! Jenny

Jenny Strange - June 7, 2010 - 10:08 am

How sweet it is to trust in Jesus! What a blessing it was to see all of you this weekend. We need to do it more often! I wish we were still sitting under those south ga stars worshipping together! Have a most wonderful week.

Julie@Flitterbugs - June 7, 2010 - 1:54 pm

So glad you had a lovely weekend….the Windsor is a beautiful hotel…my mom took me there for a mother-daughter weekend years ago!

Kelley Brown - June 7, 2010 - 3:38 pm

Beautiful words of truth!!! And yes, the waiting to travel is the most incredibly difficult part of the journey. Thankfully, as I just read this, I know that you already have your travel dates!! 🙂

And I remember Jed and his property in Ellaville!!!!! That was such a fun weekend!! I actually ran into Blair at the grocery store last week! 🙂 Such fun days…

Megan - June 7, 2010 - 8:20 pm

Beautiful. Perfect. Thank you.

Angie Elliott - June 7, 2010 - 9:47 pm

So good to meet you at the Strange’s lake and SOOO excited to hear y’all have travel dates. I (and our tuesday morning group) will continue to pray for your family and sweet Isaac, as you travel and bring him home!!!