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Young Christmas fun…

Last night they got all gussied up…

for a night with (might be hard to see as it was snagged with my iPhone!)…


Gigi and Aunt Reid had the honor of the Pink Pig cruise with the Young kids while Rico Suave and I watched the annual tradition. BECAUSE…if you live in the metro Atlanta area–it’s a tradition to go ride Macy’s Pink Pig EVERY Christmas season. It’s $3 a ticket–and the proceeds go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We got a picture made as a family with the pink pig…I’ll have to scan that baby later and share! And the kids picked out pink pig ornaments for our tree afterwards. THEN–we scooted over for pizza in Lenox and then a slumber party at Gigi’s!

TONIGHT–after Loo-bear and I spent an afternoon picking out material (she’s going to design some fun dresses and skirts for her winter wardrobe…way more quality time actually making them together later!), we had dinner and then we loaded the crew up in the car for Christmas lights! AND we think there’s no better way to enjoy lights then to get snuggled up with blankets, pjs, Christmas music, AND…

Starbucks peppermint cake pops!

On our Christmas light tour we passed a hoppin’ neighborhood clubhouse where our Sunday school’s Christmas party was. We, however, didn’t have a babysitter–BUT truly there is no other place that I’d rather be!!! Tomorrow is another big day! I’m meeting with the session speakers for the UPCOMING Created for Care retreat and I think Loo-bear and I will begin her winter wardrobe together behind our sewing machines:). And I’m sure there will as many rounds of pick-up sticks as there was today–my kids are obsessed these days with that game! I know…our house sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it;-)!? Just like I like it:)

Blessings to you this weekend!!!



Joy - December 10, 2011 - 10:33 pm

I have been meaning to come over and leave you a recipe. My little Granny has Celiac disease and we make everything gluten free for her. One of our most favorite recipes is a sweet potato pie casserole and it is fabulous! I take it to everything and no one ever knows it is gluten free and a am asked for the recipe by at least two people each time. I put the recipe on my blog today, so forgive me if I do not type it out a second time. I thought of you this morning as I was making the casserole and once again as I put it on the blog, so God MUST want you to have it!

Love reading your blog! Your babies look so sweet in their coordinating outfits!

Jenni - December 11, 2011 - 8:02 am

Your weekends sounds so much like my weekends. Filled with family fun and projects. Between our Jesse tree, family games and traditions, there is no room for parties and other activities;) but that is what I love, time with my little (soon to be bigger) family. And now I have to make a trip to ATL to ride the pig!!!

april - December 11, 2011 - 11:30 pm

Cute pics. Never heard of a pink pig ride haha…cute though! Those cake pops looked yummy and isaac looked adorable in his pjs! ;0) I got my isaac some adorable ones too for christmas!