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Wiphan’s Warthog Waddle

Yep–it’s TIME to register forrrrr…THE WARTHOG WADDLE! Every year, Wiphan focuses on ONE big fundraiser…last year it was the cookbooks–and THIS year…we are runnin’ off all that cookin’! Wiphan Care Ministries is a ministry that we LOVE and love being a part of–and would LOVE for you to join us in caring for the orphans and widows in Zambia! (P.S. We’ll be leading a trip there in JUNE…so stay tuned for that fun info!) BUT FOR NOW…get GEARED up with us for the Warthog Waddle!

Here’s the deal. We have just around 175 runners. We’d LOVE 400. And we’d especially LOVE if anyone and everyone running could register as soon as possible to help the planning team know exactly how many to plan for!!! The race will be in Roswell, Georgia and you can register HERE. SOOOO…if you are local or at least within driving distance…come on out and help us by running!!!

IF you register before March 3, 2011–it’s ONLY $25!!! You can laugh at us TRYING to run (it won’t be pretty I tell you!) and it will be the ONE time I run all year:). And it really will be A LOT of fun!!!

Now…I know what some of you are thinking…“I don’t live close by–OR ELSE I’d totally run!” Well, Parker, Laney, Frank, Isaac, Richard and I were talking about that little problem. We put our heads together. And we drew straws.

We want to ask on behalf of Wiphan and the orphans and widows of Zambia that you will consider “running” with us from afar—and letting one of ours RUN FOR YOU!!! (PLEASE…I BEG YOU–TURN OFF THE MUSIC UP TOP BEFORE WATCHING!!!)

Yes–we are totally serious. And Frank would LOVE to run on your behalf!!! He will be training for the kids fun run–and Parker and Laney are ESPECIALLY PUMPED to see how many folks their little brother will be running for!!! Now–to join his team–you can make a donation at under the “one time donation”. Choose “Warthog Waddle”, complete the form and in the memo simply write “Frank is running for me!” Your donation IS tax deductible–and can be for any amount! He will be wearing all the names of those he is running for on race day to honor them and thank them for helping him in this race for Wiphan!!!

Now…we need your help too! Will you consider sharing Frank’s video and asking other’s to join his team? I mean–seriously–one…it’s for an AMAZING cause–and two…it’s just funny (or at least we think so!) The kids have watched it a MILLION TIMES!

We also want to thank those who SHARE the video AND support Frank! If you do either or both of these–please let us know in the comment section. Of course you can let us know what you think of Frankie-baby’s video there too! On game day–we will pull one of the names off Frank’s Lighting McQueen tank top to WIN a Wiphan Cookbook AND a Wiphan t-shirt!

Thank you so much for considering joining us at the Warthog Waddle –remember if you think you MIGHT run to go ahead and register RIGHT NOW while you are reading this and thinking about it!!! If you know you can’t be here but would love to join us anyway…we would be HONORED to run on your behalf!!! Thank you so much for helping!!!

Seriously…wouldn’t you love to see these as posters???

Hope you all are having a GREAT weekend!!! MUCH love from our house to yours!? Seriously…if only you could be a fly on the wall and see HALF of the crazy things we do!!! We have SOOOO much fun!