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Wiphan Zambia Update…

So many exciting things are happening in Zambia at Wiphan and I just HAVE to share! We love sharing how the Lord is working at Wiphan, and we are so thankful to all who help us spread the word and who have joined us in supporting Wiphan. Never underestimate how the Lord might use your voice in sharing—and please feel free to share as you just never know who might be reading your blog, Facebook status (you can link this post to it!) or listening to your share and become interested in learning more and joining us! For those of you who might just be tuning in and haven’t heard of Wiphan before, visit the website and if you’d like to learn more or get involved–you can fill out the “get involved” form on the Wiphan blog, sign up for the montly newsletter and also sign up to follow on Twitter and Facebook! AND if you have a blog, you can ask for a button for your blog there too!

Here’s the latest…

As most of you know we have 450 orphans and 150 widows in our program. Zambia has been hit hard by AIDS, malaria and poverty—yet only 9 children were adopted from Zambia last year (Ethiopia was 2,277) so although it has been hit just as hard as many countries in Africa, more than 99% of the orphans there will remain in Zambia. To say there is a huge need there for supporting organizations like Wiphan that provide an education, a safe haven and Biblical support and teaching…is an understatement. But with your involvement even MORE children and widows can be reached. Widows? Yes. Absolutely. We were called to serve orphans AND widows…and often the widows are overlooked…and that’s where we often miss where CHANGE and HOPE can really happen!

Who is loving on the children in these countries? Who are the people housing the orphans really? Who is able to cook, hug and look after these children while we send in our monthly sponsorship donations to children? Yet, who are the people so often overlooked in the verse James 1:27 (“…look after orphans AND widows in their distress…”). Yep…the WIDOWS.

One thing I just love about what Wiphan is doing is we are doing BOTH of these. And you can even SPONSOR the widow program on the website! They NEED our support. They need YOUR creativity in taking this program to the next level. And they NEED us to pour into them. We watch individuals here in the states do big things for orphans across the world—but just think what could happen if we started to pour into the widows who are ALREADY there! WOW!
Check out the latest with what is happening at Wiphan…

They are making cement blocks to contribute to the new building at Sinia center…
By their helping build, they are learning to make a difference in their OWN community. Often, ministries will have groups come in and build. This is great–but they are learning to be the ones to make a difference as we encourage and support them to do so!

Check out the building in progress…

The widows are rocking in their skills training! Check out some of their latest skills…

Knitting class…

Jewelry making…

Tayloring lessons…

Just a few years ago, these ladies didn’t have this. But today–they are learning skills that will bring in an income and guess who can teach these skills to the orphans? Guess who can help provide for the orphans in their community? Guess who can better afford to have 2, 3, 4, even 5 additional orphans under their roof as they learn these skills? YES! These widows! Amazing!

We also love some community love at Wiphan…and at our Mapalo school (we have 2 compounds with schools Mapalo and Sinia)…we have a water pump where all are welcome to come get water!

Just a couple of years ago, we had fewer supporters and were struggling to keep our feeding program…but today we are growing (although we continue to need growing support!) BUT check out these happy faces that get a daily meal!

Our dream would be to one day have Wiphans all over…but first—we need Wiphan Zambia to thrive. We want to do something well before spreading and we want our kids and widows to impact their community…and one day–their world! For you, it may just start by sponsoring our widow program or a child—or maybe you feel the Lord calling you to do more like become a monthly contributor. Maybe you want to help us spread the word and be a voice. PLEASE feel free to blog about Wiphan! Or even just share a link to this entry. God has done wonders through the voice of others…and maybe it’s YOURS He would like to use! One thing is for sure…Wiphan has not only changed our hearts—but it continues to change our family. And for that, I couldn’t thank the the Lord, our orphans and our widows more. I had no idea what I was missing…and what a JOY it would be to love this ministry and these precious orphans and widows day in and day out!

May He lead, guide and bless your heart as you step out to serve…where ever that is…I pray you follow with obedience and courage–and know just as the community who comes to drink water at our well…you are always welcome at Wiphan;).

Please keep the Wiphan USA team in your prayers as they leave NEXT WEEK to go love and minister to Wiphan Zambia! They will be giving Biblical training to some of the staff, training to the teachers and of course loving on our 450 orphans! I will be blogging some of their fun…and also more specific details and prayer requests! Please pray for this group as they prepare to travel and as many of them work out the details of leaving their children with grandparents and friends.

Asher Collie - May 20, 2010 - 9:53 am

Yayyy for Wiphan! So stinkin’ EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asher Collie - May 20, 2010 - 9:53 am

Oh, and, I didn’t know you could adopt from Zambia…why don’t more people do that???

admin - May 20, 2010 - 10:00 am

Technically Asher, the Zambian government asks you to live in country for 3 months and it can be up to 1 year before everything is final. I think this is REALLY hard for most families, soooooo…the adoptions that did take place from U.S.Citizens are some times people who work there for the U.S.Embassy or missionaries. Because it’s hard to adopt from there, they need our suppport all the more!

Lara - May 20, 2010 - 11:43 am

The adoption situation in Zambia is so frustrating. As I began researching adoption, I realized similar situations exist in Kenya, The Dominican Republic, and many other countries. It is so crazy to think that there are those of us with extra room in our homes and food in our pantries but because of arbitrary government restrictions, children are forced into lives of poverty. I love what Wiphan is doing. I pray my family will be able to support them soon.

Marcy - May 21, 2010 - 1:13 am

Okay, it’s probably not odd that you posted this today, but it is in my head because of some stuff…I’ll have to email you about it later. 🙂

Asher Collie - May 21, 2010 - 1:19 pm

Wow! I never knew! I thought you just couldn’t adopt from Zambia because of the government. I actually have what could be some close connections to the government there. A close family friend here in Asheville led someone high in government there to the Lord a few years ago and keeps in touch with him still…he is involved in US Government and has offered to make the connections for me…I just didn’t really see the need. Also, he is very good friends with a Zambian woman that runs an orphanage there. Just interesting. My wheels are turning.