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When things don’t make sense… {Scripture Reading Deuteronomy 16:18 – 21}

Today’s scripture reading is Deuteronomy chapters 16, 17, 18, 19 & 21. These are what you call historical chapters—so while there are still very applicable points that can be made…for the most part it’s historical and cultural writing and instruction. AND…to be honest–it just didn’t speak to my heart today. Ever have one of those days, weeks or months? Where you just felt like nothing seems to make sense? Or things are just off…confusing or hard?

Without sharing too much to best protect the minds and hearts of my children who will probably one day read my blog book, this has just been one of those weeks where I feel like my life is a snow globe. Any time one of my children are involved–it just seems to rock my world more than anything else could. I feel myself not wanted to accept what may be true, and suddenly I am completely distracted by the “snow”.snow globeYou know…it seems like everything is planted just right—your cup is full…and then something comes by and shakes it up…and everything doesn’t seem so clear or easy any more. You see, when you are inside the globe—some times you just see the snow…the mess…and you have to step back and ask the Lord for the miracle of seeing it from His perspective.

After all…He who is holding your globe has a purpose. He who is holding your globe created it. He who is holding your globe has overcome the world. AND…to Him…it looks like what a child sees at Christmas when he shakes a snow globe. To Him, it’s beautiful…because He knows the rest of your story. While you shake your head and wonder, He is smiling—and amazed at His own creation and His perfect plan. Will you trust Him with me?

John 16:33 says β€œIn the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” Notice Jesus does not say “In the world when you have tribulation…” or “In the world if you have tribulation…” Jesus says, “In the world YOU WILL have tribulation…” Your globe is just going to get shaken. BUT…it is part of His perfect plan—His story for you. So—you can be of good cheer because He has overcome that tribulation ALREADY. Yes, that tribulation sitting there looking you right in the eye. D-O-N-E. Can you say it? It’s DONE. It’s OVERCOME.

As the old saying goes, “This too shall pass.” BUT–let us not say that and leave it at that. Yes, this will pass. BUT with His power—EMBRACE IT. Ummm…sorry…do I need to repeat that? Embrace tribulation? For real? Jesus said it, I’m just quoting Him. Help us Lord to embrace the difficult. To step outside our snow globes and to see the snow…to see the beauty and even—BE GLAD. And thank you that you ask us to be vulnerable and real—so that others can know that they aren’t alone—that you are ENOUGH—that you are more than ABLE…and that you have overcome this trial ALREADY…and the entire world and it’s troubles!

If you think about it–will you say a prayer that this mommy will have wisdom to know what is best concerning one of our sweet ones? Pray my heart will rest in the Creator and trust Him in His creations…that I would trust the Creator over anything and everything else. Do you have a prayer request that I can pray for? Seriously, I’d love nothing more to lift you up in prayer sweet friends. If you do–please feel free to jot it down in the comments OR if its a more confidential request…just shoot me an email from the contact form. I’d love to pray for you…to do life with you and trust our Father–the Creator of your story–with you.

Thankful for sweet time with my little ones today celebrating green day…JUST what this momma needed today. A sweet day just being silly and having fun…

Our “pot of gold” made from limes…a dash of sugar and whipped topping inside…and then lemon jello…IMG_2049

Lime-aide…All. Day. Long…YUM…IMG_2045

Green jello shooters! (sorry…I just had to say that…it’s just lemon jello people;)…IMG_2076

Ok…I thought this was gross…but they thought this was fun today…green milkIMG_2106

And our FAVORITE here…brussel sprouts with dinner…IMG_2099

Not a brussel sprout fan? Well, you just need to cook them like us! Our kids LOVE them too. We learned a trick while in New York visiting a chef with the Food Network. You have to slice them in half, sautee in olive oil (ONLY)…NO salt, pepper or flavoring! And you must sautee in a iron skillet. Sautee in olive oil for 4-5 mintues until lightly browned on edges—and then stick in oven in iron skillet at 350 degrees for 5 more mintues stirring occasionally. TRUST ME ON THIS! We serve these to dinner guests ALL the time and they try to make themselves and call us for instructions! It’s THAT easy. But you have to do it just like that…and they are like candy! YUM!IMG_2092
Just to vouch for these, two of my dearest friends Jett and Kelly both told me that hated brussel sprouts. I made them try them this way…and they LOVE THEM now! Mission accomplished:).

Wishing you all a blessed Thursday!!!


Elle J - March 18, 2010 - 1:57 am

Your photos are awesome! I will have to copy some of your Green Traditions next year. You make life fun; you know that? Hoping your week picks ~ your message was clear to me. Thanks!

julie@Flitterbugs - March 18, 2010 - 7:16 am

I love brussel sprouts…but my hubby is NOT a fan! I’ll have to tr it out this way!

Heidi - March 18, 2010 - 8:43 am

These words I need to hear so badly this of my dear friends lost her baby at 20weeks yesterday. Please pray for her and today she has to dilver him .. I know this too will pass and good will come out of this .. I just hope she can see that someday! Thanks for your amazing words…
Your reader,

Dawn - March 18, 2010 - 9:29 am

Praying for your family. I can completely associate with the snow globe effect…..actually it hits really close to the mark for me.

Renea - March 18, 2010 - 9:31 am

you had me at hello…. then came brussel sprouts and you lost me! lol πŸ™‚ I’ve been praying for you girlfriend! Hope today looks better for you! Much love β™₯

april - March 18, 2010 - 3:01 pm

you are such a great mom for doing all these “green” things with them for st. patricks day!