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When life makes you laugh…

Something REALLY funny happened today–and I was completely ministered to by a past post–and I had to share.

SO–today was ONE of those crazy days. Like…one of those I had about 2 years ago and I posted the comical run down here.

Once AGAIN I was at the doctor office–for a check up with Loo-bear and Frankie baby. BUT this time–I also had P-man AND ITY in tow.

It was a checkup for just 2 littles. BUT I also needed to get the pediatrician to sign off a form for our homestudy that my kids are well, and her recommendation that all is well for us to bring home another sweety.

WELL…today was the ONE day my kids didn’t get a nap because we had the most precious family over for lunch (I LAST saw baby girl when I was in ETHIOPIA…the VERY weekend she came to the orphanage and I got to see her again TODAY–almost a YEAR later!!!! AMAZING, right!)

It was so amazing. BUT no nap at doctor office with all 4…not so much.

They call us back–nurse hands me 2 cups and asks me to take all 4 to restroom to get urine samples for 2. Nice. THAT ALONE—could have won a grand prize of American’s Funniest Home Videos. I fell off the stool trying to sit in front of the potty and coach my 2 year old into pottying in a cup…and it just got better.

2 kids got shots…Isaac was trying to get the heck out of Dodge for fear he’d be next…and my phone was ringing off the hook. THEN–Frank is telling the doc all about how he is 2–he likes pizza place…AND that he has bunnies that live in his ears. Isaac is laying on the floor looking up the doc’s skirt. Parker is spinning on that round chair. Laney is interrupting Frank’s conversation with the doc to say, “Excuse me—am I all done. And can I tell you something. We are adopting a sister from China!”

AT WHICH POINT…it made me SMILE…and think of that post I posted 2 years ago…I mean, CLEARLY doc–can’t you see that I need more children.

I looked at her and said what I’m sure many might think, “You think I’m crazy don’t you? Am I crazy?”

And she looked me in the eye, smiled and said, “No. You are not crazy. Your kids are beautiful. You have a calling.”

SUCH a reminder–that it is NOT ME but HIM that works through my craziness. That dispite our crazy, even a doctor can see beautiful. And trust me–it really wasn’t beautiful but there is something about my precious crew that did have all the nurses in the hall smiling today. And dispite my crazy, I just felt constant reminders of WHAT life is really all about. Our lives will often feel very overwhelmed and crazy–but He will always carry us through.

SO…today I rejoice in our crazy–and in just TODAY–I am thankful for all we did…

Successfully visited our homeopathic doctor…we heart our homeopathic doctor.
Remembered I needed to buy new camera battery…so sad it was $50–hurt pulling a $50 out of the “fun envelope” (we are trying the envelope system and I made one of these to help me)
Came home–and went through junk drawers and FOUND another battery charger!!! YAY…I get my $50 back in “fun envelope”!
Had precious Smith family over and got to see precious baby girl again (I’ll share a picture soon! OF COURSE we took pictures!)
Picked raspberries with kids for raspberry cream cupcakes for dessert with friends:)
Successfully survived checkups with all 4 kids at pediatrician…comical–crazy–but good:)
Photographed a friend’s family who brought home their beautiful baby boy and got to capture his beauty before cleft surgery…MELT MY HEART
Had dinner with a bestfriend…and we raced to hospital together to meet our bestfriend’s newests baby girl
Got to end my day meeting a baby just a few hours old who I will love for a lifetime.

Life is good…and I’m so thankful!

One of the coolest parts of all was remembering that doc visit 2 years ago–as we prepared to bring home our son. AND what do you want to know that I just know God had that on my heart for a REASON. I was so ministered to by that old post tonight! That whole post made me smile–and I am reminded of this all over again…

Written Sept. 2009:
Mamma said there’d be days like this…and yes…even among crazy days and possibly an already crazy life…we are adopting. There will be crazy days no matter how many kids we have…and we aren’t gonna let crazy days or how crazy we may look be our meter for what we can handle or if we can open our home to grow…because it will not be by our strength, but through Him. We are gonna keep our main thing—the main thing—keep our eyes focused on Jesus the perfector of our faith…and continue to run this race with perserverance. We are going to adopt a PRECIOUS child…who I am literally dying to get matched with…fly across the world for…and welcome into our hearts and home FOREVER…and we are going to continue to hold our hands out remembering that our lives our not our own and saying “My life is not my own…what can I do for your glory…use our family for your glory.”

So thankful for how He leads us!!!! Hope ya’ll have a good day!!!

Kim - June 16, 2011 - 11:03 am

Also loved your “beauty in wating children” post … hop over to my blog and you will see our hearts are in the same place.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Gini - June 17, 2011 - 12:53 am

That is one FULL day! 🙂 Totally thinking about trying the envelope system, too. 🙂 I think it would help me make less frivolous purchases, so that we could make much more meaningful investments. 🙂 And those envelopes are so cute!
~Gini 🙂