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Today’s Scripture Reading – Exodus 13, 14, 15

For those of you following along in the One Year Bible read through—I’m so sorry to post today’s reading late. It was one crazy day. USCIS fingerprinting this morning, prayer time with my friend Addie for our baby, pick up older 2 from preschool, lunch with Parker’s preK teacher to celebrate her birthday…naps…yes, we ALL took naps together today…raining outside, snoozing together…bliss:). New numbers received on the waitlist. Big day. Daddy finally came home after days of being out of town (he travels a LOT during the week)…now finally—I sit. And open God’s word. AHHH…super bliss.

A few gems from todays scripture reading to my heart…

Chapter 13…

Verse 18 “…so God led them in a round about way through the wilderness to the Red Sea…”

The Lord was delivering them. But not in the fastest or easiest way. When the Lord delivers, it may not always look like WE want it to look. It may be a very difficult, long road. But the Lord is ALWAYS faithful. And good.

For me…the Lord has been delivering me from the living in the world. I think part of my flesh at some point wanted it. And by His good grace–He brought Africa into my life through Wiphan ( I could no longer live with an agenda to get the “next thing”, go on the “next vacation”…everything changed. As a mom, I looked into the eyes of children in Zambia–and thought, “You were some body’s baby. But they are gone. It could have just as easily been MY child who was orphaned.” And then the Lord laid on my heart…”if you are mine–then, so are they”. More change. I came home and looked around my house. And there was room. I wasn’t called to adopt any more than I’m called to go to Target. When I have a need to fill my frig–I go. And because we have room in our home and hearts…we made a call that is changing our hearts and lives even more. Now to Exodus 13:18. Lately, I have become impatient. I have prayed for and dreamed of our child. And lately, I have asked the Lord, “Why not the foster system? Why not something faster? Why Ethiopia and why with an agency that maintains birth order so I’m standing in a long 0-12 month line?” Then…I remember Job. (Ahhhh…the reading of God’s word is SOOO good isn’t it?!). I think of Job and his why’s—and I remember…because He is I AM. I think of Moses and how God didn’t take them on the fastest route, but the route best for them. A route that HE would be MOST glorified on through them. (On a side note, I’m praying we get to adopt through the foster system for baby #5…but that isn’t my choice is it?! And on a super side note—I know adoption is NEVER easy–and the grass is ALWAYS greener—so please hear that I’m not saying adoption from the foster system is easier…because it’s NOT…there is nothing easy about adoption or any “pregnancy” for that matter) The paths the Lord leads us on–may be harder, may be longer, and may be more of a roller coaster…but the path the Lord leads us on will also bring HIM THE MOST GLORY! And that is the path I wanna be on!

Chapter 14…
GOD hardens Pharoah’s heart (again!) and Pharoah has a wake up call…and comes after the Israelites. When the Israelites see Pharoah’s army charging after them they doubt Moses and cry out with wonder why Moses brought them out into the wilderness to die.

I love verse 13…Don’t be afraid…just stand STILL and WATCH the Lord rescue you. The Lord will fight for you…just stay calm.

A beautiful story of deliverance today. A local adoption family is in Uganda RIGHT NOW trying to adopt their baby girl who has HIV. As most of you know Ugandan adoptions are all on hold—so they were told they could not be issued visas and they would have to go home WITHOUT their sick daughter…who without treatment…would be fatal. “DON’T BE ARAID…JUST STAND STILL AND WATCH THE LORD RESCUE YOU. THE LORD WILL FIGHT FOR YOU…JUST STAY CALM.” Go to to see how the Lord delivers today!!! Being faithful to their child in Uganda has not been the easiest, but the Lord is being glorified! Many of you are called to adopt from Uganda, Haiti…even countries that are currently closed. It is a longer, more uncertain route. It is your Red Sea experience. But take heart. The same Lord who parted the Red Sea is the same God you and I serve today! He is able! He can make a way where there seems to be no way!!! Do not give up or lose heart!!! The Lord wants you to NOT BE AFRAID, JUST STAND STILL AND WATCH THE LORD RESCUE! THE LORD WILL FIGHT FOR YOU. JUST STAY CALM! Praise Him, Praise Him that He fights our battles for us!

Verse 17…the Lord hardened Pharoah’s heart again—they will almost attack them…WHY? WHY? WHY? they asked! But what does the REST of verse 17 say??? MY GREAT GLORY WILL BE DISPLAYED Do you want the route and way that displays His great glory??? Then trust Him!!! And go look at verse 31!

The Lord was glorified! They couldn’t believe it! They saw God’s mighty power and put their trust in Him! Praise Him for the longer route! Praise Him when it doesn’t make sense! If you are in His Word, clinging to Him, staying on His path…then rest assured even when it doesn’t make sense it’s only for Him to receive the glory in the end!!! AMEN! And finally…you, too, will sing your song as Moses does in Chapter 15!

Chapter 15…a beautiful song of deliverence. What is your song? How has the Lord delivered you? How have you seen His faithfulness???

Here is mine…IMG_7832

From the day of my birth you protected me.
You touched others hearts to pray for and encourage me.
As a child, I knew you were there—you spoke to me even from the beginning.
Your faithfulness is too much to count, Your mercy overwhelming.

All my fears have been washed away.
When we had nothing, you provided.
You gave me joy and laughter and covered my eyes to my own need.
Your love was forever calling me…I always knew you were there.

Years of rebellion as a youth–yet you protected me.
Loss of friends and then a grandfather, in these you showed me yourself.
A grandfather (Frank) who never stopped praying, and it would be at his funeral
That I felt Your Holy Spirit flood in.

You changed my mourning to dancing.
You gave me a new life.
I feared I would never marry or have children because my heart wanted these so.
My house is full of laughter, pitter patters and romantic love.

And now I persue a child–as you persued me.
You never gave up on me…although the road was long.
You fought for me–and called me Your Own.
Forever I am Yours and You are mine.

My Deliverer.
My God.
I trust in You.
.Anticipating…sweetly…calmly…waiting on Him…for baby #4. Trusting in His ways!

Kim - February 6, 2010 - 2:35 am

Another beautiful post with powerful scripture and breathtaking photos!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

april - February 6, 2010 - 9:28 am

Your song of deliverance is just wonderful, beautiful! THank you from the bottom of my heart for what you wrote to all of us adopting from Uganda…i really needed that this morning. Thank you!

Megan - February 6, 2010 - 1:58 pm

Never apologize about not posting! You are a busy mama, and that comes first before blogging! But I do thank you for posting, because your insight and your perspective on this reading really touched me! You are an amazing woman of God and I am enjoying getting to know you through your blog SO MUCH!