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Toby & Dress-Up Drawings {& Bible Study}

On Friday–we found out some VERY exciting news. NOPE–no new numbers yet. But still–very exciting in our home. TOBY (the stuffed animal dog in Parker’s preK class) got to come HOME with us for the weekend! You have NO idea what an honor this is to the kids…quite the big deal at his school! Well, we got into a bit of mischief Friday afternoon—and I can’t WAIT to tell you where he (Toby…of course!) is RIGHT now. {If you are with our agency and you KNOW who Toby might have snuck out on an adventure with…hush, hush!} BUT—it was a spur of the moment decision by Toby and Parker…and Toby is MIA…actually on a V.I.M (Very Important Mission).tobyHe’s putting Jason Borne to shame on this one. I’ll be UNVEILING Toby’s where abouts on Friday—yep, in 6 days! So…come back on Friday to see where in the WORLD Toby has been. And…no guessing or cheating! So serious;). Let’s just say I did have to email the teacher an email to warn her already—which upon she FLIPPED and then responded “AWESOME!” So fun…can’t wait to share Toby’s adventures with you next week!

And a quick and fun activity… Kelly and her kiddos came over today for a play date—and when the kids starting getting wild and it was time to CALM them down…I pulled out some fabric scraps and let them do “dress-up drawings” that we saw on a dad’s really creative, fun blog. Here are a few of ours…I was whipping mine out fast with scissors so they are no where as cute as his—BUT it did AMAZINGLY make all of the KIDS completely STILL and SILENT for AWHILE. (That’s a good combo isn’t it KIDS/STILL/SILENT/AWHILE). Nice.IMG_1737

IMG_1732(Ok…you can tell which face I drew on Laney’s…she just wasn’t into faces today. I let them all use stick glue to put these on themselves. For older kids you could make belts, hats, etc. The boys even had a blast with this…don’t tell our hubbies;)
Here are Parker’s…IMG_1733

We will DEFINITELY be doing this little activity again! I’d recommend having all the things cut out and then just having them ready for them to play with. They really had so much fun doing this one!!!

{One Year Bible Study – Friday’s Reading: Numbers 19,20,21 and Saturday 22,23,24]}

Numbers 19 – Water is what purifies the Israelites from touching a dead body—and I love the picture and foreshadowing of baptism here. This law of cleansing had a lot to do with external cleanness, but for us there is also a lesson of having clean hearts. “Be holy as I am holy.” If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you’ve heard me say “what goes down in the well comes up in the bucket“. I remember this old book on tape my mom used to checkout for me at the library when I was a child and there was a song called “GIGO”…Garbage in, garbage out…that’s what you get with GIGO. Okay, I’m sure I’m the only person in America that knows that song—but it stuck with me! (And that goes to show you what goes into our minds remains with us!)

I’m protective of what goes into my children’s minds—but I am ALSO protective of what goes into MINE. I chose not to watch junk on tv, let my kids watch cartoons, and I’m careful about the literature I read and even blogs I follow—it’s not being legalistic…it’s about keeping a clean mind and a clean heart. {Ok…confession—after almost 10 years of watching barely ANY tv…I watched this past season of the Bachelor and I am reminded why I *don’t* watch reality tv. GIGO:). Felt myself gettin’ catty there at the end;). BUT seriously—as mommies, we need to protect our minds AS MUCH AS we protect the minds of our children!

Numbers 20 – The consequence of disobedience – And this is where it all took a turn in chapter 20. The Israelites complained AGAIN. This time, they are thirsty. Moses didn’t get angry this time; he just ran to the Lord and begged for help. And what attribute of God do we see again? HIS FAITHFULNESS. Jehovah Jireh wanted to provide. BUT He also wanted to be glorified. (As He always does!)
God tells Moses to go back to the people and speak to the rock and water will gush out for the people. Moses goes back–but instead of speaking to the rock, He hits it with his staff and water pours out. Even in Moses’s disobedience, the Lord provided for the people. BUT because of Moses’s disobedience, the Lord took away his right to see the Promised Land.

Why did Moses hit the rock instead of speak to it as the Lord instructed? Moses wanted some of the credit from the people. Ever want some of the credit? Does God ever lay something on your heart and you say—hmmm…that’s bold Lord…how ’bout instead… There were consequences of Moses not following the Lord completely and giving Him the glory. Oh Lord, help us to die to ourselves! Help us to follow you no matter what! Let us trust in You alone!

How sad that the consequence for Moses (and Aaron) would be never seeing the Promised Land. There are always consequences to disobedience. BUT obedience brings God’s BEST for our life! ALWAYS.

YET—in Moses’s disobedience, the rock spewed forth water. In Moses’s sin–the rock spewed forth water. And in my sin—and in your sin…the ROCK was pierced in the side on the cross…and spewed forth water.
I love in Numbers 24 that it says “By now Balaam realized that the Lord was determined to bless Israel…” Do you know if you are HIS that the Lord wants to BLESS you?! He really does. He is determined. How amazing is it that if you are a believer–that you serve a God that not only LOVES you but a God who is determined to bless you. What great love!

OK…I’m officially caught up with our reading—so I won’t pack 2 days into 1 again if I can help it! Ok…so that may happen again—but let’s keep reading and not give up on digging in and being blessed by His Word!!!



Renea - March 7, 2010 - 9:30 am

How cool of a project! That would be great for a little girls slumber/birthday party. Dress up stick people! 🙂 And I can’t wait to see and hear about Toby’s adventure! I know what he’s up to!!!!!!!!! 🙂 LOL

Natali - March 7, 2010 - 10:34 pm

awesome post! LOVED IT!

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