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The winners of the T-shirt Fundraiser raffle

Thank you to everyone who participated the last week in our t-shirt fundraiser raffle! We will probably keep selling t-shirts for the next week (and we’ll probably purchase quite a few extra too) so by all means go ahead and buy one as long as I have the links up and running. My kids got carried away a bit in the drawing this morning…but here are the results on the winner/s!

EVERY person who purchased a $25 t-shirt was entered in the raffle…and then for every time they shared on their blogs or facebook or subscribed to my blog–they were entered again. Anyone who made donations toward my July Zambia trip were entered also entered again—so if randomly made say a $100 donation, you were entered 4 times (and if you bought 4 $25 t-shirts…you were entered 4x as well!)

The winner is from far, far away…so I’m still waiting to hear back from her:) Here are the results…(yes–we actually have a hair-care bucket for Isaac! it was the perfect thing to shake up the names in:)

Laney thought we should draw again…and whatever Cindy chooses–this next winner will get the other choice!

AND THAT was so much fun…that Laney thought we needed ONE more winner too!!!! This winner wins a FREE t-shirt…

WASN’T that fun?! Thank you to everyone who participated in this week and a half t-shirt sale and fundraiser!!! So thankful!!!!

We are unpacking from our week with the Denton family. It was so much fun to see Isaac enjoying the beach for the first time and here is a little bit of our fun for you to enjoy…

Time on the beach with friends…

Our MOST favorite entertainment at Hilton Head is our time with Shannon Tanner. BEFORE Rich and I had kids we even went to hear Shannon together, and our kids go hear the same fun songs every year…it’s like we are at camp and it’s just so much fun!!!

We are not only suckers for Shannon Tanner’s song nights (which are FREE by the way!)…but also his fun pirate adventure cruises. Here’s how we spent Friday morning…

AND THEN…after we got off the boat, we followed the map we captured from a stinky pirate on the ocean (which we all siezed by shooting him with huge water guns)…we found and opened the treasure…

And they all got some of the pirate loot…

A week of unwinding, riding bikes, kayaking, pirate adventures, pony rides, ice cream and singing…Hilton Head is just the most fun (and even affordable in my opinion) place to take your family. Shannon Tanner is by far our favorite entertainment…but we also make a yearly visit to sing the Unicorn song at the Greg Russell performance at Harbor Town. We always run into SO MANY friends so it’s fun to get to experience this with others we love! Here is Laney’s favorite song…they sing it on the way to the beach and can’t WAIT to sing this with their friends once we are there…

AND I’ll end on this–our pizza night the night before we left for the beach! Frankie baby’s blessing:)

Congratulations Cindy Wigglesworth (of Kansas), April Carlock (of Georgia) and Moments with Love! on being winners in our raffle!!! Thank you EVERYONE who bought a t-shirt and shared this! I’ve had SEVERAL folks ask me if we are going to do another photography session fundraiser this Fall like we did 2 years ago during our Ethiopian adoption…and YES–we probably will do that just for sweet families who want to have Fall/Christmas potraits made–sooooo…if you were hoping to win a session for that purpose…we’ll be doing a crazy, cool dealio in the Fall too!!!



Amanda B. - June 6, 2011 - 12:00 am

How fun! I have been following your blog since we have begun our adoption journey! We live in Minnesota but last week we were vacationing with family in Hilton Head too! We thought about doing the pirate cruise with our three kiddos but didn’t! You’ve sold me! We will have to do it next time! Such a small world!

Stace D. Farrow MEd, LPC - June 6, 2011 - 1:22 am

What sweet sweet children! I love the videos. 🙂 God bless you and your family.

Jessica - June 6, 2011 - 11:20 am


We are in the process of adopting and was wondering what goes in Isaac’s hair bucket??? We are trying to learn all we can now about what hair products to use:)

Thank you for your help!!!!

Sandi - June 6, 2011 - 4:16 pm

My hubby joked about Hilton Head being a retirement spot so I’ve been sooo worried. My kids are home sick (praying they’ll be well before we leave for SC next week) & I showed them your Tanner Pirate videos. They are soo excited. I LOVE surprising my hubby with fun plans that he doesn’t know about so I’m adding the Pirate Cruise to the list! Praying your fundraising is an enormous success!