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The Story of Moses

Getting geared up to stop by photography business and be 100% mommy ALL THE TIME has my creative juices flowing…and I’ve been thinking about pouring into my babies more and more at home. Granted I was just photographying families 2 days a week—but if you are a photographer, you know what goes in behind the scences with 2 days a week of work. I often felt very distracted at home and not 100% there…feeling like I had to answer my phone when it rang in case it was a client, thinking about the emails that needed to be returned and going over my “to order” list always in my brain. I’m so excited to be closing shop and focusing more on my role as mommy!!!

I have always loved stories on felt–I’m a visual learner. So to help my children learn Bible stories, I invested in Betty Lukens Bible Felt Stories. You can buy yours here:¬†We are having fun with the stories (not so much fun cutting them out…but the end product is worth it!) There are a few stories you can purchase pre-cut:)

Here are the stories in action (please excuse my Pharoah upclose craziness and voice over)…this is just real life…but if you can get through my Pharoah voice over…Laney’s part is just too cute in her squeaky voice at the end:) The great part of this is mommy can teach and tell the story, and then you can sit back…sip your coffee…and be entertained as they retell you and their siblings their version! It’s really too cute to hear how they understand and take in each story!

Not only is this great for the kids–but it will bless you too as you rethink some of the greatest stories written about in the Bible. Today I have been thinking so much about how the Lord involved the princess and Jechebed to raise Moses. I immediately begin to think of our baby’s birth mother, wonder whether we will get to meet her if she is still living (something our agency requires if they are living) and how I can minister to her during that encounter. Oh Lord, prepare my heart!

We are off to delivery a meal to a friend…and then try our best to make the most of this murky, gloomy day! I ordered our Christmas cards yesterday—and created some prayer bookmarks to go in them. Can’t wait for them to come in!!! And I’m world’s worst about keeping up with addresses, so email me your address if you are blog friend and want us to send you one! We’d love to share our card and prayer bookmark with as many friends out there as we can as we covet all of your prayers now and in 2010! XOXO!