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The "Spectacular" in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular…

Last night, we celebrated Laney’s 4th birthday with her sweet little friends (pictures to follow later)…her gift from momma and daddy was two tickets to see the Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular. It was an entertaining show to say the least…
…but I’ll confess–after you’ve seen the girls kick once…for me–that’s plenty. Don’t get me wrong, it’s high and all–and I might try it at home later to entertain my family—but once is enough for this momma. After intermission, Laney started whispering that it was time to go (enough for her too I guess), but thankfully we were with some sweet friends so it was easy to convince her to hang in there. And I’m so glad we did—because at the end…came the SPECTACULAR.


I have to applaud the production team behind the Rockettes as they did the most moving and beautiful presentation at the end of the Christmas Story. I, myself, was moved to tears. The story was beautifully told—even a few details that have been carried down from tradition that I hadn’t heard before but felt compelled to come home and do some research on. For one–like where the Three Kings were actually from…their reindition was the same as what I found cited from Saudi Aramco World which based their information on a 14th century writings of John of Hildesheim.

According to him, the first king, Melchior, was from from Arabia. He was smallest in stature and brought gold to symbolize Jesus as king. The second, Balthazar, was from Saba where incense (frankencese) was most popularly from, and he brought incense which symbolized priesthood. The third, Gaspar, was from Ethiopia (can I get a shout out!) and he brought myrrh which was used to heal wounds symbolizing Jesus as healer. Myrrh also was used as an embalming ointment and is scene as a symbol of death or suffering. What prophetic gifts!

My breath was literally taken away and tears come down my cheeks as I watched this presentation of manger scene…

The kings were all, indeed, SPECTACULAR. They did not come alone but came with their entourage behind them (makes you wonder what it was really like!)…traveling across the desert until finally they reached the Everlasting King! What a show their entrances must have been in the quite and dark night!

And there we sat…in the balcony of the Fox Theatre with all it’s glitter and glory…orchestra pounding…and these three kings parading up to the lowly manger where camels, sheep and a donkey (yes, real ones!) rested and walked to and fro…all beside and surrounding the baby KING. Oh, what was that night really like?! To think these kings came in all their majesty to see a rumored king in a MANGER?! They BELIEVED! They really believed!!! How in the WORLD did they believe? What did their entourage think as they followed them into the middle of no where? What did their people think as they left to travel afar? But oh how SPECTACULAR it must have been to be out in the middle of no where—to follow a bright star along the way—AND TO BELIEVE! To believe they were going to see a baby who would be THE CHRIST…the Savior of the world!

Can you believe three kings—THREE KINGS—traveled miles upon miles…crossing borders, crossing desserts…traveling with their precious gifts and in all their glory to see THE KING OF GLORY IN A MANGER! Could this baby King truly be THE King?! Oh my sweet readers—if you do not know this King as your Savior—think about how GRAND this really is. That more than 2000 years later, in Atlanta, Georgia…this King’s power is so GREAT that even in 2000 years His story cannot NOT be told! Yes, I’m sure the production staff gets emails and calls petitioning AGAINST this presentation…BUT…when you BELIEVE you BELIEVE and the story in your heart MUST be told!!!

What happened in the middle of NO WHERE is STILL rumored about—Jesus is still the most talked about man in the ENTIRE world…yet, He was born in a manger. IF He was not the king, how would we know this story? If there was no power in that manger more than 2000 years ago, how much quicker would this story have fizzled out?! But if this story was TRUE–if He really was the king…if three kings would leave their people and travel because their hearts KNEW before they ever left to see him…and if that story still just has to be told among hundreds today in a theatre…then let us, too, believe! Let us open our hearts to the miracle! Let us not live another day without knowing this powerful, most talked about, most adored KING! Oh my heart knows it! And there is no man, cause, reason I would rather live my life for but for the glory and purpose of this king!!!

And even more spectacular…did you know that He knows your heart…and He loves you TREMENDOUSLY. Whether you have known him for 20 years or 2 minutes…He has loved you WAY before you ever loved Him. He created you and loves you—HE REALLY DOES—and this Christmas He wants nothing more than to be known deeply by you. He already knows your heart…but He is dying for you to know His. Literally. He lived 33 short years–died so you might know Him–yet His life was so powerful that 2000 years later we still talk about Him. But He wants us to do way more than talk about Him. He wants us to know His heart and live for Him. While it may sound crazy, when you experience a life with Him–you will wonder how you ever lived without Him!!!

And today I couldn’t be more blessed to hear hundreds and hundreds sing together “O Come Let Us Adore Him”…tears came down my cheeks as I held my sweet 4 year old girl—indeed it put the SPECTACULAR in the show. I ask you today…where ever you are…to consider deeply the King…and won’t you join me in adoring Him today? Oh Come Let Us Adore Him! Truly, there is no sweeter way to celebrate Christmas!

My love to you all sweet brothers and sister in Christ. And for those of you who do not yet know Him…may your ears and heart be opened this season to hear His sweet voice for the first time. Some times faint. Some times little by little. But always SPECTACULAR.

3 Blessings - December 5, 2009 - 6:39 pm

Very beautiful. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter.

crispy - December 6, 2009 - 8:57 am

Such beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing.