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the latest… {and just 7 more days to pre-order one of these!}

SOOO far we’ve sold 20 shirts!!! Okay–that may not sound like a TON to you (hey with fewer people in the drawing–that’s just better chances to win RIGHT;)–BUT EVERY SINGLE shirt is another one closer to my goal!!!! SOOOOO…Yay!!!!! My goal is to sell 200…so that’s just 180 more to go;). Don’t YOU wanna buy one and join me in serving the widows and orphans in Zambia!? I am totally adding my t-shirt folks to my newsletter emails while I am there so you guys will kind of be going with me too!!! If you buy one of these really cool shirts, please go to the original post here: so you can ALSO let me know how many times to enter you in the drawing…if you shared on facebook OR on your blog also. I am so thankful to the 18 precious mommas who have already bought shirts (2 mommas bought TWO!!!) and I’m hopeful in the next week we’ll get closer to our goal!!! Sooo…if you have a blog or facebook…will you pretty please share this post:


In other news—well…there has been LOTS of fun–but a bit of a bummer why you can’t see the excitement. Last Friday Frankie baby got his FIRST haircut. I got it beautifully documented with 100 photos. Isaac got a haircut too…also documented. THEN–I captured the kiddos at school at their last day of school at field day…lots of more fun, sweet and timeless pictures. I realized at the VERY end of field day though…my camera had NO MEMORY CARD in it…and every last picture was never a saved picture after all:(. SO…just IMAGINE how cute Frankie baby looks with his new hair cut–and I promise to post some new pictures soon:)

The Young family has some super fun and crazy news—along with my favorite summer recipe…AND seriously tons of pictures from a SWEET first for Isaac and our family together…but I’m going to wait and post all that craziness after the t-shirt fundraiser comes to an end next weekend.

Hope y’all have a happy Memorial day weekend. Can’t WAIT to share FOR REAL pictures with you all. Go ahead and brace yourself though–Frankie baby doesn’t look quite so baby any more with his new cut. Oh my heart.



Elle J - May 29, 2011 - 12:40 am

Praying for your tshirt sales … can’t wait to read what you are going to post!! Love the suspense, I can’t even imagine what it is. Took the kiddos to Kung Fu Panda 2 movie, and surprised to find a touching adoption storyline (in a DreamWorks kinda way, not biblical or very deep) but touching none-the-less. =)

Sandi - May 30, 2011 - 1:41 pm

Just got mine! This must be Kung Panda weekend. After seeing the movie my 5 yr old has requested McDonald’s breakfast twice because he wanted Kung Fu Panda happy meal toys. Gotta love those $1 toys! Praying for God to show up and show out on your new journey!!

Esty - May 30, 2011 - 1:59 pm

No fair, Andrea. GIVE. 😉 xoxox